Aanal Savaliya Biography | Makeup Artist | Orange The Salon


Aanal Savaliya Biography | Makeup Artist | Orange The Salon

The world has seen female dominance in the 21st century as it has never before. This story is of a lady boss known as Aanal Savaliya. Renowned as one of the best leading celebrity makeup artists is hailing from Gujrat. The biography here for this wonderful woman of integrity might be short, but her success and achievements are quite never-ending.

Aanal Savaliya Biography

Aanal Savaliya isn’t just a makeup artist to have known for keeping up with the trending fashion trends but, for her unique ideas behind every makeover, she gets through. Already a star on Instagram, the beautician with more than 195 hundred thousand followers there has kept her fans happy, within the fashion game with the astonishing creations she comes up.


Aanal Savaliya is the talented answer to a lot of youngsters and herself a tide to blaze. She is already an inspiration among the world of pretty people and a trendsetter within the life of celebrities. Creating milestones with every new style she comes out with, has forever been her unique statement. As said earlier, she with her fabulous fan following, is one of the most go-to makeup artists, you will find these days. What makes her journey even more special is her love for what she does.

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Now, it is quite simple to understand that the journey behind her success wasn’t entirely that easy. Fans and clients keep the expectation of getting the best, her ones were similar as well. At the same time, to get the makeover of a celeb done, you have to look extravagant and look like them as well. Aanal loves to style Alia Bhatt and the reason behind the same being the actress’s attitude of trying something extraordinary and different every time.

According to Aanal Savaliya, she believes that there isn’t something known as a special face to work on, as every different face is unique and holds a story to narrate and decorate. As an artist, she ensures that all her clients only get the best when they come to her.

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Aanal Savaliya makeup artists


Aanal also provides a wide array of hairdressing styles. She is among the few makeup artists, who along with facial make up also cover the hair. Her startup, Orange The Salon, is a destination for change. It is also considered to be one of the most recognized beauty spas to exist in Ahmedabad. The luxury salon had its initial days back in 2010, and after a decade later, Aanal’s foundation has miles to reach.

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Banu Savaliya has been the founder of the prestigious Orange Salon. Aanal did her best to keep up with the tradition and maintain its clientele with superior quality service. Her mom Banu, always had an ambition of developing a makeup salon, which not only creates the best of designs but maintains customer satisfaction with utmost care.

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The salon is well known to have a set of a team who loves to work and innovate at every point of time. Aanal’s long-living dream of styling you and making you feel the best has shaped up and has yielded positive results through Orange The Salon. Bridal makeup, however, has been the center of attraction of this style studio. Draping, nail polish change, airbrush makeup are some other services the salon specializes in.

Aanal’s favorite past time activity as it seems it to spend time with her pets named Leo and Bali. As this biography is eventually coming to an end but definitely not Aanal’s plan to make you feel beautiful. We hope you loved this short story and will surely visit her once to get yourself that special care you always needed.

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