Amit Panchal Biography | Best Digital Marketing Consultant | SEO Consultant

Amit Panchal Biography | Best Digital Marketing Consultant | SEO Consultant

Amit Panchal is presently a self-made, independent digital marketing consultant who has gained more than 10 years of experience in Content marketing, social media marketing, SEO and, reputation management. He is well known for providing his clients with exceptional marketing and branding solutions for several brands.  An amicable lovely person, Amit Panchal is exceptionally talented and good when it comes to his professional life. He assists enterprises to transform their online influence and make them ready for growth digitally. Businesses consult with him for effective digital marketing strategies, for broadening their online presence. Check here Amit Panchal Biography.

Amit Panchal Biography


Amit Panchal pursued his BCA in computer science from the Gujarat University, from 2004 to 2007. Afterward, he has been a renowned scholar and mentors for the Gujarat university start-up and entrepreneurship council. He also worked as an incubator for the Silver Oak college. Besides excelling as a digital marketing counselor, he is the guest lecturer at EDI in Gandhinagar.

He often takes part in the social media weekly events (over a cup of coffee) across Bangalore and Mumbai and spreads his light as a social media strategist.


Best digital marketing consultant

  • He has over 10 years of experience in the field of digital marketing.
  • Amit  Panchal excels in creating, implementing and monitoring digital marketing schemes which are up to date with the sector’s requirements.
  • He can even create and implement monetization strategies for mobile applications and website Optimization.
  • Enhances team performance by fixing daily or weekly or monthly targets that are to be achieved and monitors them too.

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  • Amit Panchal
  • He maintains blogs and social media sites related to digital marketing
  • He monitors and manages contents if all social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
  • Also, he is responsible for content designing and developing to bring in engagement, acquisition and stickiness.
  • He trains his SEO team and keeps them updated with the recent trends in the digital marketing sector.
  • He also takes care of online reputation management.
  • Besides all, he manages, organizes and monitors social media campaigns for multiple brands in India.



Besides, professionally being a digital marketing consultant and counsellor, Amit loves to ride bikes during his leisure times. He is a passionate Royal Enfield biker and you can see him reviewing food, restaurants and other social changes that are happening around us in his social media profiles. So besides what he does professionally, he is also an influencer. Amit Panchal is also a philanthropist, who loves to help the poor and needy whenever possible. He contributes to the blood monk, which was his initiative to collect blood and organize blood donating campaigns.

Amit Panchal is also a successful social media influencer, who have more than 5k followers on Instagram, 12k plus connections of LinkedIn and more than 42k on twitter. He also hosts and organizes social media week events as a social media strategist in India for Bangalore and Mumbai

To sum up

Amit Panchal is undoubtedly a star in the field of digital marketing, who has so much to offer to us. He has surely lived up to being the pride of Gujarat. It’s very rare to find people like Amit Panchal giving prompt responses when it comes to marketing. With his sound and in-depth knowledge in this field, he has a good hold in this sector and is a sensible, understanding digital marketing counselor, one of the best ones in India. When it comes to guiding his teammates for campaigns and marketing, he remains unbeaten. Very few people in today’s world have such a good grasp over their fields and are confident regarding what they say. His recommendations and strategies have always been successful in meeting the set targets.

Social Media:


Twitter: AmitHPanchal

Instagram: amithpanchal

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