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Massive opportunities have opened for job seekers all over Gujarat as airport job vacancy in Ahmedabad has increased massively. Airlines jobs in Ahmedabad have always been in one of the most looked-for categories. Now the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is giving chances to those who have been searching for it.

Job Vacany Ahmedabad Airport

Here, in this article, you will have answers to all your queries regarding Airport jobs in Ahmedabad. From eligibility, job type to salaries and companies, know everything …

What are the eligibility criteria for getting airport jobs in Ahmedabad for freshers?

There are multiple types of jobs available at Ahmedabad airport. It depends on what kind of job you are looking for. For example, to apply for the cabin crew posts you need to at least 10+2 pass. Similarly, the 10th pass airport job in Ahmedabad is also available for some posts.

What is the Ahmedabad airport vacancy for jobs?

Several jobs are being offered at the moment in Ahmedabad airport. If you are looking for ticketing staff jobs, security jobs, loader jobs, etc. you can apply for them right away. Job vacancy in Ahmedabad airport is letting thousands of interested people apply for it.

What are the qualification criteria for airport ground staff jobs in Ahmedabad?

You can wonder if any job is available in the Ahmedabad airport for the 8th or 10th pass job seekers. The answer is yes; there are multiple kinds of jobs. But you need to give an interview and qualify for them.

Is there a 10th pass job in Ahmedabad airport?

Yes, several types are there in Ahmedabad airport.

What is the salary for Ahmedabad airport job for 10th pass employees?

Ahmedabad airport job for 12th or 10th pass offers a good amount of salary. Though it completely depends on which post the employee is working, the average sum is between 19,000/month to 35000/month.

What are the benefits of getting into Ahmedabad airport career?

Well, as one of the finest airports in India, Ahmedabad airport is definitely a great place to work full-time. Most of the jobs get fooding, transport facilities, lodging, medical assistance, and overtime salary. However, it depends on the job and post.

How to get back-office jobs in Ahmedabad airport?

Well, you will have to sit for a direct interview. Once shortlisted and finalized by the recruiter, you will receive the acceptance notice.

How much do airport security jobs in Ahmedabad pay?

Ahmedabad airport security job salaries start from approximately 20,000/month and go up to as high as 1 lakh/month. The sum depends on which post you work in.

What are the ground staff jobs at Ahmedabad airport?

There are multiple types of jobs that are counted in ground staff jobs. It includes baggage checking, selling airlines tickets, assisting the passengers, making reservations, loading and unloading check-in luggage, delivering aircraft necessities like food, refreshments, etc. Helping the disabled passengers, driving the carts, providing information to the passengers are also managed by the airport ground staff workers.

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What are the criteria for a driver job in Ahmedabad airport?

It is one of the many Ahmedabad airport jobs 12th pass workers usually look for. The first criteria are that you have to have a valid driving license. To carry more than 16 passengers, you will need a CDL (commercial driver’s license). For education eligibility, being the 12th pass is enough for most of the airports in India. Ahmedabad airport requires a high school diploma and that is all.

What is the Airport job vacancy in Ahmedabad in 2021?

Ahmedabad airport ground staff vacancy has been rising higher since the beginning of the year. At present, Ahmedabad airport is recruiting ground staff as well as cabin crews.

Are night shift jobs in Ahmedabad airport safe for women?

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is very safe for women. The airport takes safety for the passengers as well the female workers very seriously. From 24/7 available transport facility to tight security guards, night job in Ahmedabad airport is totally safe.

How to get Ahmedabad airport helper job?

To get a helper job in Ahmedabad airport, you will need to have three things. They are a positive and confident attitude, good communication skills, and good organizing expertise. After going through the Ahmedabad airport recruitment interview, you will get the job in no time, if you can successfully impress the interviewees with your personality.

How is the Ahmedabad airport job vacancy 2021?

Ahmedabad airport jobs are openly welcoming the interested employees. Be you are a fresher or experienced worker; the airport is in constant need of responsible and hard-working employees. All you need to do is to show your optimistic attitude to the interviewees to impress them.

Hope you have found your answers regarding the airport job vacancy in Ahmedabad. For more related queries and to know more about Gujarat please do follow our page Gujarat Celebs.


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