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Atul Purohit Biography: Atul Purohit is a Gujarati flok singer and known for his Garbas. In this article, we share with you Atul Purohit Biography, his early life, career, awards, his Garba list, and many more.

surrounded by various natural resources. But the thing for which Gujarat is especially known for…is none other than Garba. Yes! Garba lies in every Gujarati’s heart and the rest of the world tap their foot with this tune. Many legends from Gujarat have contributed a lot to spread Garba across the globe. Atul Purohit is such a living legend of this era who is from the land of Gujarat and with his excellent voice and incomparable music sense makes Garba popular to the young generation as well as to the Non-Gujaratis.

Let’s take a glance at Atul’s Musical journey so far…

Atul Purohit Biography 

Atul Purohit is a Gujarati flok singer but is especially known for his Garbas.  This talented songster also showcased his excellence in different genres like Ghazals, Bhajans, and soulful Sufi songs.

Atul Purohit’s Early life, Birthplace, and Education:

Purohit was born in a village called Dholar near Dabhoi in Gujarat state on27th February of 1955. He was born to a simple middle-class family where his father was a priest and farmer and his mother was a homemaker. Atul has been brought up in a musical surrounding. Like other Hindu families since his childhood, he became familiar with lokgeet and traditional Hindu family Bhajans that were sung in presence of neighbors. He had an immense passion for singing and at an age of 10, he was gifted with his very first harmonium and he started to learn it on his own.

After completing his schooling he gradually became graduated in 1975 from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda with a major in Dramatics. Though he successfully achieved his degree still his wishes to explore music and experiment with different genres have made him restless and he finally decided to hop on to the journey of music.

Musical career

At first, Purohit started to perform in different streets of Baroda, accompanied by some like-minded singers for free of cost to entertain the passerby. Atul always felt the urge to protect the root of different music genres and retained their traditional touch. He mixed up the folk songs with traditional music. Later, he started experimenting with devotional music and Sugam sangeets as well. Purohit has been trained by several Ustads in his career and became efficient in stage performances and grabbed the primary idea of doing live shows successfully.

As Atul was from a small village and is very much close to his root he always felt the urge to preserve the classical tradition and folk songs of Gujarat. Purohit especially became so hurt when he noticed the indifference in the young generations regarding their tradition and Garbas. He also realized, Garba performers were also mixing up the original Garbas with Bollywood songs that will finally lead to the ending of their traditional Garbas and Falk music.

In the year 1983, Atul formed a musical troop along with his 5 friends named Rishabh. And his motto to keep alive the tradition and cultures of Gujarat by Garbas became so popular that his performance was a huge success and it became popular among young generations too. Some of his famous songs are ‘Vhalam Ni Vaat Kai’, ‘Jamuna Ne Kanthe’, ‘Ke Hove Hove’, ‘Tahuka Karto Jaay’. His music album ‘Tara Vina Shyam’ made him famous as a Garba singer worldwide. In 1992, Purohit formed another musical troop named Rutambara Group.

Awards and performances

In the year 2014-15, Atul had been awarded Gujarat Gaurav Puraskar for his excellence and enormous effort for preserving traditional Garba music. Purohit is a  prestigious member of United Way of Baroda which has been holding  Garba festivals for the last 29 years where around 5000-60000 youngsters take part soulfully and made Vadodara popular not only in India but also across the Globe. Atul Purohit is known worldwide for his Garbas and performs in Navratri festival in the USA, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and so many countries.

We salute this living legend for his efforts and contribution towards Gujarati traditional music, Folk songs and especially Garba!

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