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Bakor Nature Camp: Get ready with your backpack to explore Bakor Nature Camp for a perfect short weekend trip or a 1-day picnic.

Bakor Natural Camp

After spending a long and tiring week full of work schedules and daily hustle, let’s get close with nature for the weekends. A bunch of interesting activities and sports and that, too, on the lap of nature!

Where is Bakor Nature Camp located?

Bakor is a small village surrounded by various natural resources. It is situated in Mahisagar District, Middle East area of Gujarat, India. The interesting fact is this nature camp is located very close to Rajasthan Border.

What are the most convenient ways to reach Bakor Nature Camp?

From Ahmedabad, you can simply take a car to Bakor Nature and Adventure camp. It will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes via NH47.

Another convenient way to reach Bakor is to start your journey from Vadodara. Via NH47 it will take about 2 hours and 30 minutes. And via Harni-Halol Rd and Halol-Godhra Rd, it will be about a 2-hour journey by car.

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How to enjoy Bakor Nature Camp?

Bakor is all about nature. After reaching the campsite you can have your breakfast while enjoying a breathtaking view. If you wanna be a part of the trekking activity then welcome to the group of Dodavanta lake trek. You can also take part in different activities like rifle shooting, archery and many more interesting sports arranged by various tour companies or the camp itself.

What are the places to see in Bakor Nature Camp?

Bakor is mainly a village populated with tribal people. The main occupation of the people is farming and agriculture. The main attractions are the waterfall and the beauty of the jungle, especially in the monsoon. Here is the list of some of the best places for sightseeing in Bakor.

  • Dodavanta Lake and Jungle trek
  • Zer Mata mandir
  • Kaleshwari temple
  • Waterfall (it is recommended to visit the waterfall in between Jun-Feb)
  • Kadana Dam site (30 km away from nature camp)

There are many more activities to enjoy at the farms of Bakor. Some of these are-

  • Outdoor games, Berma bridge
  • Play area for children
  • Fun activities in the swimming pool
  • Campfire in winter
  • DJ and Garba party


When is the ideal time to visit Bakor Nature Camp?

There is no such specific time and season that will give you trouble to visit Bakor throughout the year. But between November to February is the perfect time to enjoy Bakor as the weather is pleasant then. Also in the monsoon season, visiting Bakor can be an ideal choice as nature becomes lustrous and the forest becomes filled with various types of green shrubs and trees. But don’t forget to carry an umbrella or raincoat if you are planning to take a trip in the monsoon. Besides as this village is surrounded by cultivated land and farmers, you can enjoy the simple lifestyle of the villagers.

Where to stay in Bakor? Check out the resort prices and other facilities?

As Bakor is primarily a village and if you are aiming for staying in Bakor then finding a resort with advanced facilities can be difficult. You can simply night stay at camp or enjoy fully, just book a farm that provides local food and many more facilities and activities. Simply check the website to find a list of farms that offers food and lodging at a reasonable price. Usually, for 2 days package, you need to spend around 700-1500 rs.

Check out the facilities and activities offered in the farms:


Comfortable room with attached bathroom

-Maintaining all the covid-19 safety measures

-Pure local non-veg and veg food(based on customers’ choice and preference)

-Complimentary guide

Fun activities

Children play area

-Small bungee jumping for kids


-Swimming pool


-Archery and rifle shooting

Though you can check about some hotels that offer staying and are close to Bakor Natural Camp. But still to be get surrounded with nature while enjoying local food with your family or group of friends, staying in a farm would be the best option with a reasonable price.

Bakor Nature Camp Address

Hasaliyani Muvadi, Khanpur Rd, Bakor, Gujarat 389232

Bakor camp contact number


In conclusion

Bakor nature camp is waiting for you to welcome here and remove your stress from your monotonous life routine. So get ready to take a weekend trip in nature filled with adventures in the beautiful village of Bakor Natural Camp


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