Here is the List of Top 10 Banking Courses After 12th

The Banking sector has become one of the most favorite choices among the new high school graduates at present. A banking courses after 12th Class is something a student will never have to worry about. Because of a higher salary, interesting work, and a place where they can use their merit without having to invest physical energy at all, banking stands at a point where every other student wishes to reach.

Know Everything About Banking Courses After 12th

Banking courses after 12th

While passing out from high schools, students, whatever streams they may be from, often get confused about which way to go. For the Arts or Humanities students, they get numerous paths open in front; while the Commerce ones feel the same. Earlier, Science students used to focus on two paths – Tech and Meds. However, preparing for banking jobs after 12th have become a newer and bright path for students of all streams.

As a 12th passed out or going to be one soon, you may also be having several questions as well as confusions regarding how to go for baking after 12th or if you are eligible enough to choose the way to the banking sector. To ease your mind, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Is studying banking after 12th tough?

It completely depends on the student’s merit and critical skills to study and understand banking. With basic knowledge about maths, accounting, and related subjects it becomes less hard; that is why the students from Commerce background find the baking courses after 12th relatively easier than students from other streams.

Which Banking courses after 12th Commerce are best to choose from?

There are several courses to choose from if you have studied Commerce in 12th. We have a list of Banking courses after 12th –

  • Banking and Finance (BA/B.Sc.),
  • Banking and Financial Planning (BA),
  • International Finance and Baking (BA),
  • B. Com in Banking,
  • BBA in Finance and Banking
  • BBA in Banking

Except for the above-mentioned ones, there are more courses offered in various universities.

How long does it take to complete Banking courses after 12th?

These courses take generally 3 or 4 years to graduate. It depends on the university and the course structure of the major.

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Can I opt for banking courses after 12th Science?

Of course, you can. Students from all streams can go for baking after passing boards. However, choosing the right course is very important so you don’t get pressurised later and regret your choice. There are multiple banking courses to select from. Therefore, to know which will be the best course for banking after 12th, you must consult with experts and finalise the specialization.

What are the bank jobs after 12th Commerce can I get?

After studying Commerce and obviously passing competitive exams or graduating with a banking course, you can get jobs as –

  • Investment banker
  • Finance manager
  • Finance executive
  • Financial surveyor
  • Loan officer
  • Accountant
  • Budget specialist
  • Auditor
  • Broker

 Can I opt for banks jobs after 12th Commerce without maths?

10+2 passed students from any stream be it Arts, Science, or Commerce can take bank jobs for clerk posts. But, if you wish to work in the core sector, you must first complete graduation. There are several banking courses after 12th Commerce without Maths. They include Banking and Finance (B. Com./ BA), B. Com. in Banking and Insurance, B. Com. In Banking Management, BBA in Marketing, BBA in Finance, B. Com. in Finance, BA in Economics, BMS, etc.

Is it possible to get bank jobs after 12th Arts?

Yes, the Indian government and even the banks separately conduct examinations for clerk posts in banks. But your work will be limited here. The eligibility criteria to take the exams are 10+2 pass irrespective of the streams.

Can I only study Banking and Finance courses after 12th Commerce?

After 12th Commerce banking courses of various types are laid for students. It includes BBA, Bachelor’s in Baking and Finance, Bachelor’s in Accounting and Finance, Bachelor’s in Financial Mathematics (BFM), BAF, Bachelor’s in Statistics, and many more. As a Commerce student, you will never have to compromise in choosing as each one of the options can be selected by you.

Which are the best banking courses after 12th Commerce?

Banking has several courses from BBA to BA, from B. Com. To B.Sc. Even there are Master degrees for which a student needs to be a graduate with cut-off marks and a valid bachelor’s degree. Well, the most chosen courses after 12th for banking include Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), CPA, CMA, Financial Risk Manager (FRM), etc.

How should I start preparation for banking after 12th?

If you are from a Commerce background, undoubtedly, you have a lucky hand as you have been preparing for a banking career after 12th knowingly or unknowingly since the moment you chose Commerce as your 10+2 stream. For Arts and Science students, you have to prepare your mind for the coming encounters as the course will be much different from what you have been studying during the past years. You must be able to adapt to the new course structure and understand the subjects being taught to you open-mindedly. Other than that, nothing is too tough.

Which are the best Investment banker courses after 12th Commerce?

To become an investment banker, nowadays, bans are recruiting students with MBA degrees. Thus, first completing the bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or mathematics is most preferable.

Can I study banking courses after 12th in Hindi?

Every course related to banking in India is taught in English. Maybe you can get access to lectures in your mother tongue, but eventually, the books and study materials will be in English as it is the official language used for such purposes.


Which skills must I have to enter the banking field after 12th?

You must possess the below-mentioned skills to ease in the banking sector. They are –

  • Client management skills
  • Determination
  • Good analytical skills
  • Ability to handle responsibilities well
  • Good communication skills
  • Critical thinking at the right times


What bank jobs can I get after 12th Commerce?

It is possible to get jobs in a bank after 12th Commerce. You can be appointed for posts such as market analyst, clerk, finance analyst, insurance officer, loan officer, sales executive, and probationary officer.

After 12th Commerce banking exam in India:

Several exams are conducted throughout India to recruit 10+2 passed students. The banking exams after 12th are not only for Commerce students though. students from any stream can take these. The exams are mostly conducted by IBPS, State Bank of India (SBI), and Reserve Bank of India (RBI). IBPS also conducts exams for various posts in Regional Rural banks all over the country.

Which are the best Banking and insurance courses after 12th?

You can go for BBA in Finance and Banking as well as B. Com. in Banking. Furthermore, there are several B. Sc. Courses such as Economics and Baking and Finance. Also, you can choose BBA in Banking, Marketing, Finance, or Accounting.

Is studying Bank management courses after 12th very hard?

The answer is no; it is not. You can easily go for Bank Management courses after passing 12th. With proper grooming and an in-depth understanding of the module, the course will not remain tough. There are BBA courses in several modules of banking such as Finance, Banking, Accounting, and many. Chose the major wisely and you will be okay with your choice.

What are the best banking courses after 12th Arts?

More than one Bank related courses after 12th are there for you to study. The best ones of them are –

  • Bachelor’s in Baking and Finance
  • Bachelor’s in Banking and Financial Planning
  • Bachelor’s in International Finance and Banking
  • B. Com. in Banking
  • BBA in Baking and Finance

These are the most asked queries about banking courses after 12th. Hope you have found the key to your answers. Follow Gujarat Celebs for more interesting facts and news.

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