Best Places to Visit in Gujarat During Diwali | 4 days trip to Gujarat


4 days trip to Gujarat | Best Places to Visit in Gujarat During Diwali.

Gujarat is one of the most popular destinations in India that becomes the center of attraction for people all over the world. The scenic beauty, historical monuments, glimpse of the Asiatic lions, picturesque beaches, free from captivity as well as the natural habitat of the wild animals become quite attractive for the people visiting Gujarat. So, if you want to enjoy the unique folk dances with the tasty dishes from this state, it was considering the amazing 4 days trip to Gujarat or Best Places to Visit in Gujarat During Diwali.

In this article, you will come to know about some of the places that will be suitable for your four days tour in Gujarat.

Best Places to Visit in Gujarat During Diwali.

The best time for visiting Gujarat

It is good to remember that the best time for visiting Gujarat is from June to March when the weather is quite pleasant. The trip will be better when compared to the hot summer months. The proper connection of all the major cities by the train and road routes ensures that you will never find complexity when visiting the different locations. So, let’s get started with the places that will be good for you.

1.Dwarkadhish temple


On the trip to Dwarka and Somnath, you will be getting access to the cities like Jamnagar to Dwarka and Somnath. You can also get a glimpse of the various attractions. There are legendary temples along with the fun boat ride from Okha port jetty. Enjoying the beautiful scenes of the city becomes great. You can see the evening aarti at the temple while driving to Somnath temple and sightseeing tour.


On day 1, you will be getting access to the local sightseeing and then go to the spiritual tour on day 2. On day 3, you can get Somnath visit while on the 4th day, travel back home. It is open from 6 a.m. To 1 p.m. And at 5 p.m. To 9:30 p.m.

Cost per person

All you require is taking rupees 100 per person.

  1. Desert beach tour

desert beach tour gujarat

On day one, you will get the arrival at Ahmedabad port while meeting the executive who will be taking you to Wankaner. There, you can spot the British era historical monuments, ceramic zone, Ranjit Vilas Palace, and numerous others. On day 2, you can go to and that is a four-hour long drive. You can relax there and start exploring areas like the nature cure center. In the evening, you can return to the hotel for an overnight stay. Day 3 is to Bhuj where you can enjoy the culture, wildlife, architectural marvels. The next morning, you can go to rann of kutch and explore the white desert. The safari is very enchanting where you can spot animals like wild as blackbuck, desert fox, wolf jackal, and so on.


The desert tour is always open. It’s likely favorable to witness during Rann Utsav that is held between November and March.

Cost per person

The average cost is around rupees 5500 per person that is inclusive of the transfers and accommodation.

  1. Gir national park

Gir national park

This is the 4-day tour advance tour. There, on day one, you will be reaching the international airport and will be welcome by a representative and escorted to the pre-booked hotel. Then, you can stay at the hotel. On day two, you can go to the Gir national park jungle safari and meet a representative who will drive you to the Gir national park. On arrival, you have to check-in at the wildlife resort that has been allotted to you. During the jungle safari, you will be seen many animals as well as the beauty of the wildlife overnight. You can stay at the resort. On day 3, the Gir national park jungle safari is planned where the morning and afternoon jungle safari to the national park is beautiful for the wildlife glimpse. You can stay overnight at the resort. On day 4, you will be getting the morning and afternoon jungle safari to the national park for wildlife viewing. On day 5, you have to come back home after breakfast. You will be getting the sweet memories.


It is always open between October 16th and June 15th. You cannot come to the place during the monsoon. The planners start the safari at 6:30 a.m. And then at 9 a.m. And at 3 p.m. However, the davallia safari park is always open throughout the year from Monday to Sunday except for Wednesday. You will be getting it open from 8 a.m. Until 11 a.m. And then at 3 p.m. Until 5 p.m.

Cost per person

The overall tour package for every person is approximately around rupees 20000 that is inclusive of the days of stay and the accommodation facilities.

Other places to visit in Gujarat

Certain must-visit places in Gujarat are worth trying out.

Some of them are alike Gandhinagar, Pathan, Modhera, Lothal, Ahmedabad, and Bhavnagar. These are the places that are well known for their specialties.

  • Pathan and Mogera are the towns that can be easily visited from Ahmedabad within just a few hours. In the area, you will get knowledge about the Solanki period architecture. The famous sarees along with the exquisite step-wells in India become another tourist attraction.
  • Similarly, if you want to see the ruins that date back to the ancient Indus valley civilization, it’s worth considering a visit to Lothal and Dholavira. These are the areas where you will find the fifth largest out of the eight Harappan era sites. The archaeological site is notable being located on the Khadir bet island in the kutch wildlife sanctuary. The place is quite appealing to the eye and is a must-visit for every visitor.
  • Shiv Jayanti Rajkot in Gujarat was the glorious capital of Saurashtra. Formerly, it was the British headquarters and is a place where Mahatma Gandhi had spent his early years of life. The popular attractions in this place are the Watson museum, the Rajkumar College, Rashtriya shala racecourse, as well as Jagat mandir.
  • Surat is another essential point in Gujarat that you can try out because there are some popular tourist attractions like Chintamani Jain temple, the Sardar Patel museum, Jawaharlal Nehru garden, to name a few.

Final word

When you choose any of the above-mentioned tour locations, you can get loads of happiness because each of these places is worth spending some good time. Check them out today.

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