Bhoomi Valecha Biography | Corporate Professional | Fashion blogger


Bhoomi Valecha Biography | Corporate Professional | Fashion Blogger

Bhoomi Valecha, born on January 20th, 1993 is a corporate professional and a fashion blogger and enthusiast who blogs about quick fashion tips, styling, fashion tutorials, and also on traveling. She comes from Ahmedabad. Check here Bhoomi Valecha biography

Bhoomi Valecha biography

Since her childhood days, she has been very passionate about fashion designing. Unfortunately, her parents never supported it and she had to take up science after her higher secondary education. But no matter what, she always felt that urge inside her to showcase her creative skills. Back in 2015, Bhoomi started to blog, when it was a very new concept and hardly people knew about it. Fashion and technology both attracted her attention. Bhoomi out of her curiosity to try this sphere of creativity created her WordPress blog and posted her birthday outfit pictures, putting on a creative description of each.

Bhoomi always proves that Fashion is about something that comes within you

Early Life and Education:

After taking up science in Higher Secondary education, Bhoomi pursued Bachelor’s in Microbiology, a Master’s in Biotechnology, and then MBA in Pharma Management. She started earning when she was 17 years old which made her more confident and self-sufficient. Bhoomi is a self-taught artist since childhood. She took part in various art exhibitions across cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai, where she got to showcase her creativity and talents.  Her first art exhibition was during her first year in college and that event was covered by RJ Dhvanit on the morning show. She started her e-store during college where she used to sell her self designed clothes. Her self mad business continued for 2-3 years and attracted regular customers from Ahmedabad, Delhi and Mumbai.

Bhoomi Valecha Fahion Blogger

Career :

Bhoomi completed her studies in 2015 and started working with an MNC as a result of which she couldn’t focus on her e-store anymore and had to shut it down. Since then she started to blog about hee tips and fashion ideas. At first, she didn’t tell anything about this to her family. After a year when everything was going well, she told them about this to her parents, who by that time already knew it. From then her parents have always been very supportive of every decision of her life. The happiest moment for her was when she was featured in Femina Magazine (Diwali Edition) as No 1 Ahmedabad fashion blogger. That’s when her career leaped. Due to her science background, she even got a job in Nestle India, in 2016 in Mumbai.


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Sometimes when people ask her how difficult is it to manage a full-time corporate job and blogging career, she simply replies that things are always tough in life but when we do what we love it is never a burden.  She loves both of her careers equally and each skill serves as an advantage for each career. Her first-ever collab on blogging was with KAZO and since then she never looked back. She also participated in many successful campaigns with Pacifica group of companies, Pernia’s pop up shop, Myntra, Amazon, Bodyshop, Amul, Oppo, Being Human, The Label Life.

Career highlights

Becoming a blogger has been like her dream come true to Bhoomi Valecha. She has been updated, Trendy, and savvy regarding outfits, fashion and travel. The started blogging back in 2015 to voice her opinion and ideas in these spheres and experiment with her creativity. Since she had her experience in two different job fields, she was more advantageous in this position. She could apply her work ethics in her creative job at the same time impart her creativity in her office. Ever since she began blogging, her popularity grew and she collaborated with so many popular and reputed brands of fashion. Just a mere look at her Instagram profile would say it all. The blog is her reflection on fashion, style, lifestyle, food and travel and most importantly, the way she sees life.

To sum up

Bhoomi Valecha believes that beauty lies in flaunting your style with confidence.

She loves to set up her own beauty standards, savvy, and unconventional. Bhoomi is an avid reader. She loves to travel as well. We can see her voicing her opinions on several national and social issues in her social media profiles. A completely shy and introverted girl since childhood, who knew this girl would do wonders! She is now a completely transformed girl and the Bhoomi we see today is confident and stylish.

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