Black Clover Chapter 341 – Release Date and Spoilers

Black Clover is a Japanese Manga series that has been appearing in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump since February 2015. The chapters have accumulated to over 32 tankōbon volumes as of April 2022; all written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata.

This series focuses on a young orphan named Asta who lives in a world where everybody possesses magical powers. Amidst his lack of magic, he intends to become the next Wizard king with the help of Black Bulls, a Magic Knight squad.

Black Clover Chapter 340 Recap

Chapter 340 of Black Clover was a ray of hope for Asta’s fans since his training sequences were highly emphasized. We see Asta spending time practicing Zetten on the Yoryoku bamboo trees. Ryuya guides him to use Zetten by substituting Yoryoku with Anti-magic and is made to fight with Ichika Yami, one of the Ryuzen seven who is an expert in using the Zetten technique.

Although Asta impressed everyone around him by cloaking himself in Anti-Magic, Ichika remains unimpressed. She continues to overpower Asta with strength and strategy. She warns him to take the fight seriously or he may die. Ryuya comments that Asta needs to concentrate since Lucius would be more competent to face head-on. The fight ends with Ichika almost knocking out Asta.

Black Clover Chapter 341 Release Date

The highly anticipated Chapter 341 of Black Clover is scheduled to release on October 16 on the official website of Viz Media and Manga Plus. As always, the raw scans of the episodes have been made available before the official release and the fans are excited after Chapter 340 being an entertaining chapter

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What can we expect in Chapter 341?

Although Ryuzen seven is considered powerful, it is not clear why the Land of the Sun wouldn’t assist in the fight against Lucius, even though he is a common foe. Chapter 340 has confirmed that even though Asta is training with the Ryuzen seven, Ryuya understands the shortcomings of his technique and guides him. His suggestions are both knowledgeable and foreseeing, which explains his Clairvoyant eye. So, we might expect more about Ryuya. The new chapter will continue to manifest his capabilities and growth.

Another interesting spoiler that has been going rounds is the conversation between Asta and Ichika after one of his training. Ichika talks about her fanaticism for Ryuya and that she will bare with him only because she trusts Ryuya. But, when Asta talks about Captain Yami, Ichika is shown to be angry at him as she reveals that he killed her entire clan.

Ichika’s behavior with Anti-magic may also suggest some history the Land of the Sun has already dealt with. In chapter 340, she spoke about the creator of Zetten being able to split open the sky with his Yoryoku. Fans believe that this could hint at Asta becoming powerful with his Anti-magic version of Zetten and surpassing the creator.

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