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C. R. Patil Biography | Family | BJP Politician | Age | Net Worth
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C. R. Patil Biography | Family | BJP Politician | Age | Net Worth 

C. R. Patil Biography

There are a handful of factors behind running a country but the most imperative things for a developing country is the leader who could play a ‘make or break’ role in the development of a country.

From Pre Independence to 75 years of post-Independence India got a bunch of great leaders in politics. In this story, we will get acquainted with the life journey of such a leader who has taken some revolutionary steps towards his political career.

Let’s be a part of the magnificent political journey of the President of Gujarat, BJP, Chandrakant Raghunath Patil.

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C.R.Patil Biography Birthplace, Education, and Family:

C.R.Patil Biography a.k.a.  Chandrakant Raghunath Patil was born in Pimpry Akaraut, Edlabad, Jalgaon of Maharashtra on 16th March of 1955. His father is Shri Raghunath Patil and his mother’s name is Smt. Ganga.  After his schooling, he went for technical training at ITI, Surat.

He is professionally an agriculturist business persona. He also served as a police constable in Surat Police in 1975 before he joined politics.

Chandrakant is married to Smt. Ganga also helps running their business. This couple has 3 daughters and 1 son.

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Political career and contribution:

Chandrakant Patil was the representative of the Navsari constituency of Gujarat and most significantly he is a member of the 17th Lok Sabha of India.

Patil commenced his political journey by joining BJP in 1989. Chandrakant won the 15th Lok Sabha election of Navsari, Gujarat by defeating his contender Dhansukh Rajput by a huge margin of 1,32,643 votes.

In 2014 Paatil again defeated his contender, Maksud Mirza of INC, with a record margin of 5,58.116 votes, and was re-elected the second time from Navsari. There was no doubt about his efficiency and popularity among people when he got the victory in 2014 with the 3rd highest of votes across India, i.e. 6,89,668 votes. Patil is the first Member of Parliament who achieved an ISO certification 9001:2015 for the quality management system of his office for supervising and administration of the government services.

Summing Up

As a great leader, C. R. Patil contributed a lot towards the development of the textiles and diamond industries of Gujarat and developed the Surat airport into an international airport along with improved connectivity of Surat across India. C.R.Patil will be remembered by all of us because of his extraordinary political career and for the various developments of Gujarat.

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