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Amit Jain (CarDekho) Age, Wife, Family, Networth & More

amit jain cardekho

A few people are inspired to start a business in their hometown. However, the decision becomes fruitful when they receive some positive response from customers and the company welcomes profits with open arms. One living example is Amit Jain, the CEO and Co-Founder of CarDekho, who never left his hometown …

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Exclusive Interview With the Real Estate Mastermind MR. ABHIJEET DHANOKI: His Dreams | Career Highlight | Dazzle Space | His Vision


The real estate business in Gujarat has touched a new high over the past years. From independent houses to apartment complexes, from huge corporate setups to new start-ups, the construction companies are doing wonders. And talking about the booming market of real estate in Ahmedabad and not taking the name …

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Romesh Wadhwani | Biography | Net Worth | Wife | Education | Symphony Technology Group

Romesh wadhwani

ROMESH WADHWANI BIOGRAPHY Romesh Wadhwani stands as one of the biggest business holders in India. As the founding figure of the Symphony Group, Wadhwani has been in the limelight ever since. Reportedly, the company earns annual revenue of $2.5 billion. After getting possession of nine AI-based companies one after another, …

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FROM A FOODIE MUMBAIKER TO BECOMING THE ULTIMATE BUSINESSWOMAN, THE GORGEOUS SWETA AYTHORA ROY HAS NEVER COMPROMISED WITH HER PASSION FOR FOOD! Let us begin with your early life and education. Sure, I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I studied banking and Insurance in college. I completed my …

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Chandubhai Virani Biography | Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd


Chandubhai Virani biography | Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd Born on 31st January 1957, Chandubhai Virani was born in an extremely poor family to Popatbhai Virani. He comes from a small village in Gujarat called dhundhoraji in Jamnagar consisting of 2000 residents. He grew up with his three brothers and currently …

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Sudhir and Samir Mehta Biography | Torrent Pharmaceuticals | Torrent Power


Sudhir and Samir Mehta Biography | Torrent Pharmaceuticals| Torrent Power Men, since time immemorial, have only tried to shape the world for good. Their stories and achievements are perpetual, and it almost takes an entire library to read about them. The biography here today will be about two such men …

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Karan Chugh Biography | Sales Coach and Consultant

Karan Chugh biography

Karan Chugh Biography | Sales Coach and Consultant  Karan Chugh is the director of Global Business consulting services at Elsner Technologies private LTD, based in Sydney, Australia. He is an extremely talented versatile individual who is an inspiration for innumerable aspiring business consultants, his teammates, and his clients too. He …

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