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Top 5 Bhoomi Trivedi Style Statements!!

Bhoomi trivedi

Bhoomi Trivedi is undeniably one of the finest singers of Indian cinema. Her energy-filled mesmerizing voice can make the world swoon any day! Turns out, just as much of a fine musician Bhoomi Trivedi is, her fashion games are just as awe-inspiring! From her bold style to sassy outfits, Bhoomi …

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Sahiba Arora : An Exclusive Interview with Bespoke Fashion Designer Sahiba Arora

Sahiba Arora

Sahiba Arora Interview THE GORGEOUS AND PHENOMENAL SAHIBA ARORA TALKS ABOUT HER JOURNEY FROM BEING AN ENGINEER TO THE BREATHTAKING FASHION DESIGNER & STYLIST Today Gujarat Celebs got the multitalented amazing soul fashion designer and stylist Sahiba Arora, the founder of SAHIBA ARORA COUTURE. Her passion is styling, her profession …

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Disha Vadgama Biography | Fashion designer | DV Fashion studio

Disha Vadgama biography

Since times immemorial, India has produced enormously talented and bright fashion and design creators who have effortlessly blended old age traditions with contemporary aesthetics. Disha Vadgama is one such artist. Disha Vadgama is a successful and talented fashion designer, who is presently at the peak of success in her career …

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Heena Somani Biography | Age | Fashion Consultant | Makeup Artist


Heena Somani Biography | Age | Fashion Consultant | Makeup Artist Heena Somani is a 28 years old professional fashion consultant, makeup artist, and a marketer who strives to make a change by assisting people in consciously altering their image for success. She possesses an innate quality for visual communication. …

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