Celebrity Korean drama release date


Celebrity Korean drama release date : “Celebrity” (Korean: 셀러브리티) is an upcoming South Korean streaming television series written by Kim Yi-young and directed by Kim Cheol-kyu.

The ensemble cast includes Park Gyu-young, Kang Min-hyuk, Lee Chung-ah, Lee Dong-gun, and Jun Hyo-seong. The series is set to be released on Netflix on June 30, 2023, at 14:00 Korean Standard Time (KST).

Celebrity Korean drama release date

The star cast of the Korean drama “Celebrity” includes

  • Park Gyu-young
  • Kang Min-hyuk
  • Lee Chung-ah
  • Lee Dong-gun
  • Jun Hyo-seong

These actors make up the ensemble cast of the series and will portray various characters in the show.

Where we can watch Celebrity Korean drama

The Korean drama “Celebrity” is available for streaming on the platform Netflix. You can watch the series on Netflix’s website or through their mobile application, provided you have a Netflix subscription.

Simply search for “Celebrity” on Netflix, and you should be able to find and stream the show

Review of Celebrity Korean drama

“Celebrity,” the latest K-drama, delves into the captivating world of influencers while intertwining a compelling mystery.

In this era where influencers hold immense societal influence, the series explores the glossy facade and the cutthroat competition that underlies their glamorous lives.

While the allure of solving a mystery initially draws viewers in, the show relies on committed performances and a well-developed lead to maintain engagement even during slower moments.

The story revolves around Seo A-ri (played by Park Gyu-young), a top celebrity and influencer. Through livestream monologues, she tantalizes her audience with the promise of revealing deep, dark secrets about the influential members of the Gabin Society, including Oh Min-hye (Jun Hyo-seong), Jin Chae-hee (Han Ga-in), Angela (Han Eu-ddeum), and Gina (Kim Si-hyun).

A-ri fearlessly exposes scandals ranging from adultery to fraud to illicit drug use. What shocks everyone the most is that A-ri has been dead for three months.

This intriguing premise serves as the hook to keep viewers engaged. The central mystery of how a deceased person can host a livestream provides a captivating thread that unravels with each episode.

The strategic use of cliffhangers effectively maintains the suspense, driving the curiosity of the audience. “Celebrity” explores the complex dynamics of the influencer world while adding an element of mystery.

The series combines the allure of celebrity culture with the excitement of solving a puzzling enigma, making it an enticing watch for fans of K-dramas and those intrigued by the world of influencers.

Celebrity kdrama ending explained: who is bbbfamous?

In the Netflix K-drama “Celebrity,” the ending brings clarity to the transformation of Seo A-ri’s character and sheds light on the enigmatic figure known as “bbbfamous.”

At the beginning, A-ri is a modest door-to-door saleswoman who eventually finds herself thrust into the world of e-celebrities and influencers in South Korea.

Her sudden recognition occurs when she attends a public event wearing a dress her mother had altered for a top-level influencer.

A-ri then becomes focused on managing her social media profiles and employs clever strategies to gain more followers. Despite facing hostility and sabotage from other e-celebs, she persists and even establishes her own fashion brand.

Amidst this world of influencers, A-ri stands out as different.

It is during this time that she receives support from a mysterious social profile named “bbbfamous.” This anonymous figure assists her in undermining the other members of the influential Gabin Society, the exclusive group that dominates the social media landscape.

Throughout the series, A-ri remains unaware of bbbfamous’ true identity until the final moments of “Celebrity,” when all the plot twists are revealed.

  • However, A-ri’s journey takes a turn when bbbfamous turns against her due to her prolonged silence.
  • This newfound resentment leads bbbfamous to perceive A-ri as no different from other e-celebs—someone who achieved success through controversial tactics, lacking true merit.
  • Consequently, bbbfamous collaborates with A-ri’s rivals and publishes fabricated conversations to tarnish her reputation.

The identity of bbbfamous is unveiled to A-ri in the ending, after she orchestrates her own staged death and resurrection.

It is revealed that bbbfamous is Lee Eun-chae, a humble masseuse who had discreetly cared for the members of the Gabin Society, secretly recording their conversations and gathering incriminating information.

Jealousy becomes the primary motive driving bbbfamous’ actions against the e-celebs. The fame, wealth, and privilege they enjoy make it difficult for others to accept the stark contrast between their lives and those of ordinary people.

The question arises: do they truly deserve to belong to an elite group that operates under different rules?

bbbfamous targets the Gabin Society and later A-ri as a means to undermine their prestige. Critically, the mechanism employed harnesses the inherent characteristics of the e-celeb world itself: a single dissenting voice or an unsubstantiated accusation is enough to shatter the castle of fame into dust.

The drama critiques this environment where appearances are paramount and statuses are constantly in flux.


The ending of “Celebrity” sees A-ri publicly destroyed by bbbfamous, prompting her to stage her own suicide. Months later, she stages her return with the help of her friends, revealing her true story and dismantling the entire e-celeb world.

Eventually, A-ri uncovers the true identity of bbbfamous and confronts her face-to-face. In a somewhat bittersweet conclusion, bbbfamous takes her own life in front of A-ri.

The protagonist, A-ri, experiences a sort of triumphant ending as she regains her fame and esteem, rebuilding her business and reputation.

She still disapproves of the rules that govern this world but uses them to create something meaningful for herself and the people she cares about.

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