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Chandubhai Virani biography | Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd

Born on 31st January 1957, Chandubhai Virani was born in an extremely poor family to Popatbhai Virani. He comes from a small village in Gujarat called dhundhoraji in Jamnagar consisting of 2000 residents. He grew up with his three brothers and currently lives with his wife and children. Chadubhai Virani grew up to be the owner of Balaji Wafers. Chandubhai is known to be very humble and down to earth person. He has a good reputation among his workers and associates. He is a man of few needs who loves to lead a simple life. Unlike other successful businessmen, he maintains a low profile. He has immense respect for his elders and is a family-oriented person. This Chandubhai Virani biography talks about his life struggles and the subsequent foundation of Balaji Wafers.

Chandubhai Virani biography

The Balaji group

The headquarters of the Balaji group based in Rajkot, Gujarat is the largest manufacturers and suppliers of potato chips and other varieties of snacks like Kela Mari wafers, plain wafers, simply salted wafers, masala wafers, tomato wafers, aloo sev, chana dal, khatta mitha mix, moong dal, gathiya, and so on. The enterprise started as a small scale industry which eventually turned into a company worth 2 crores, producing quality products with an indigenous taste.

The company was founded in 1976 by the members of the Virani family. Popatbhai Virani was a poor farmer by occupation and sold his ancestral agricultural land and invested 20,000 to venture into business. They also tried to set up a business delaying in farm equipment, but unfortunately couldn’t succeed in bringing profits to the business. Ultimately they lost all money. Afterward, this family started to manufacture wafers in 1974 at the Virani house and sold it in and around the Rajkot city.

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As they began to get slow success, they thought of setting up a semi-automatic plant, instead of manufacturing wafers in the conventional method. Eventually, their wafers became popular and started to be sold to other parts of Gujarat as well. When they saw people loving their manufactured products they planned to expand the business further and so the biggest automatic plant of Gujarat was established.

Within a few years, the demand for Balaji Wafers exceeded its supply, even when the plant was being run to its full capacity. At this point, the Virani’s needed to implement better and advanced technology to meet the growing demand for Balaji Wafers. Needful equipment and plants were established in various parts of Gujarat and eventually, Balaji Wafers captured a 90% share of the potato chips market in Gujarat and a 70% share of the namkeen category.

Balaji Wafers: production and revenue earned

Approximately Balaji Wafers produce about 450,000 kg of potato chips per day and 400,000 kg of namkeen. They have a well-connected network of 550 distributors all around India. To run its branches properly, this business has generated huge employment opportunities for Indians. Currently, it works with around 250,000 workers, 70% of it consisting of women.

Balaji’s share of the local vegetable and potato chips market rose from 9.5% to 13.7%  in 2012. Balaji also contributes to the western market and has a dominating share of 71%. In its home state Gujarat, it has the largest share of 90%.


Over times, Balaji wafer’s spectacular achievements have made a few prestigious associations and companies to bestow honour upon its chairperson and founding members.

The company was awarded as the sultan of wafers by economic times.

The international magazine published an exclusive article talking about the food quality of Balaji Wafers, called chip off the old block.

Also, the Balaji group is a member of the snacks food association of India for a long time now.

Evidently, Chandubhai’s career is an inspirational one. Born in a poor family, struggling since birth, starting a small scale business to turning it into a multi-million dollar company is a spectacular achievement. Ever since its establishment, the Balaji group too has come a long way. Serving quality food to people, it has created a good name and reputation among consumers. Initially, a lot of people used to mock at Chandubhai’s wafer venture but now they die to know its secret of success. What we forget is that success depends on experience. With time, people gain knowledge, expertise, tactics, and learn from their failures. If you are dedicated enough, success would come to you someday for sure.

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