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Daman and Diu are a Union Territory, which lies on the west coast at the mouth of the Ganga river, almost 170km north of Mumbai and 200km across the Gulf of Khambhat on the Kathiawar peninsula of Gujrat respectively. The district of Daman is surrounded by the Valsad district of Gujrat.


Many years ago when the British ruled India, Daman and Diu along with Goa was a colony, where the Portuguese stayed as they came to India for different business purposes. Even after independence, the Portuguese remained to stay there, and it was important to place where opium used to be sent to China. It was made an important part in of India, in 1961. But again in 1987, Daman and Diu were made a separate Union territory.  


Daman lies on the alluvial coastal plain, with low plateaus. Daman is situated at the mouth of the river Ganga, where it enters the Arabian Sea. The temperature of Daman is moderate as it is situated beside the Sea, the average temperature ranges from 30∙c and the average annual rainfall is 2,000mm. Diu is almost covered with sand, marsh, and silt. It is more of like an island than of a town. The island portion is separated by a narrow creek from the main town. And rainfall is quite less in Diu, which is 600mm, annually.

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Daman and Diu are tourist places, the main earning of the people over here is from the tourist. But agriculture and fishing are also very much prevailing here. Pulses like Millet, Rice, Ragi are grown here. Bajra and Wheat are also grown but in small amounts. The government has taken a lot of effort and with the help of the neighboring state of Goa, the tertiary sector has grown a lot.


The people of Daman and Diu are mostly Hindu with also a little Muslim and Christian population. The dominant language of Daman and Diu is Gujrati. As a lot of people from Portuguese, used to stay here for a very long time, so people have adapted cultures from them. The Portuguese language is also very much prevalent here. Even Hindi and English languages are also in vast use. The places have multi-faced cultural heritage, like, tribal dance and many Portuguese styles of dancing are also very much there. Tribal jewelry and the Portuguese style of jewelry can be found here. Customs from both India and Europe like sacred thread, marriage, etc. are very much prevalent here. 

Places to visit in Daman and Diu- 

Daman ♥


Devka beach is one of the most visited and beautiful beaches in India. Mirasol Lake Garden is a man-made garden that is very beautifully decorated. Lighthouse of Daman, from which the view is very awesome and can see the city very nicely. Jampore beach is another famous beach which is attractive due to the mud color water. St Jerome Fort has very beautiful gateways that’s face the river. Nani Daman, as the name suggests is a very old place and has quite a number of very old churches here. Mirasol Water Park is a very big water park and a very relaxing place for children and also adults can enjoy it. Jetty Garden, is also a man-made garden which is situated on the shores of Ganga with a number of fountains very nicely designed all over the place. Cathedral Bomb Jesus is another very old church which was made when the Portuguese were staying here so one will be able to see the structure and design of the Portuguese style church.

Diu ♥

Diu Fort

The Naida Caves which is located just beside the Diu Fort is a very interesting place with a network of tunnels all over. Nagoa beach, which is famous for its tall and beautiful palm trees all over the beach. Gangeshwar Mahadev Temple which is located just 3km away from the main town of Diu is also a very beautiful temple of Lord Shiva. Diu Fort, which is also built during the Portuguese colonial rule, and is built with Portuguese style and elegance. Ghoghla Beach Sunset Point of Diu are also famous attractions. St. Paul Church is a very beautiful and well-maintained church located there. INS Khukri Memorial is a very interesting place, which is of the Indian Naval Ship that sank in the Indo Pak War of 1971. Panikota Fort which is the former jail of Diu. There are museums like the Sea-shell museum and Diu museum where a lot of interesting things can be found. And there are beaches like Chakratirtha, Jallandhar, Gomtimata, Simbor which are also famous tourist destinations.

How to reach– 

Daman and Diu are very well-connected with flights from all over India and abroad. The nearest railway station is Vapi which is 12 km away from Daman, so one can hire a car to reach Daman from the station. And by road also the main cities and towns are very well connected to Daman and Diu. From Goa or Mumbai, anyone can hire a car or bus in order to reach Daman and Diu in 15-17 hours.

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