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Devang Patel Biography | Early Life | Parody Songs | Journey
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Devang Patel Biography | Early Life | Parody Songs | Journey 

Devang Patel is one of the biggest names in the Gujarati film and music industry in the present. His quirky way of creating rap music and delivering it to the audience is something not every talented person can do. The proof of him being the multitalented person Devang is that he can act, dance, sing, and make spoofs. Devang writes and directs also. His hard work remains the major reason for his absolute accomplishments. Let’s Read more in to Devang Patel Biography.

Early Life

Devang Patel was born and brought up in Gamdi village near Ahmedabad, Gujarat. After he completed his graduation in Commerce he went to work as a chartered accountant for three years. But his interest in singing never really faded. He took a break from his usual daily life and went to Mumbai.

In 1993, his first Gujarati music album, “Dil Dilni Vaat”, was released by a local music company Jai Sound. His rap “Madhuri Dixit mali rastama” turned into a massive hit. With the hit, Patel too began to shine. Even a Hindi version of the song was made in Bollywood and was used in a film starring Govinda called Gambler in 1994. With time Devang rose to shine bright.


The album “Meri Marzi” became another hit of Devang after the first ones. The album was released in 1996. It contained the songs “Meri Marzi”, a parody of “It’s My Life” by Dr. Alban, “Ghar Kiyon Aaya Kayar”, “Machi Booma Boom”, and “Flop Ten”.

In 1997 he released “Aaish Karle”, and that too became equally popular. 1999 brought the biggest opportunity for him as Times Music got him to sign a three-year contract for Pateloscope. With the success of Pateloscope in 2000, followed by Pateloscope II (2001) and Pateloscope III, he planned to extend the contract for three more years. The most famous parody songs of Devang are “Aye Raju”, “Ghoom Ghoom”, “Hat Ke Rehna”, “Mufat Mein Jo Mile”, “Bloody Fool”, “Aye Mere Seth”, “Taal Pe Baal”, “Chashma Chashma”, “Kutta Kaata”, “Kya Bolti Tu”, “Dus”, “Chaddi”, “Thu”, “Ara Ra Ra”, “Main Adha Radha”, “Bhajiya Garam”, “Dil Chahta Hai”, “De De Thappad De”, “Main Hoon Mad”, “Roj Chare Baju Chovis Kalak”, “Chashmish Mane Log Bole”, “Maru Shirt Fateli Mari Pent Fateli”, “Bgdi Gaya Dada”.

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Devang has acted in several Gujarati films including, Muratiyo No. 1 (2005), Vanechandno Varghodo (2007). He has also sung for multiple movies are Chaahat (1996), Mard (1998), Smile Please (2004), and Grand Hali (2017). He has worked as an actor, director, writer, music director, singer, and producer in the movie Grand Hali.


He has earned a huge fan base that goes around India. Many immigrant Indians have shown immense love and respect for him. Devang Patel has achieved the Young Achievers Awards in 2000 and the Gurjar Ratna Awards in 2008.

Sum Up

Devang Patel has walked to his success with his brilliance and hard work. His wonderful songs and playful acts make the spectators appreciate him more and more every day. His funny and soulful lyrics, and its amazing presentation to the mass, is the key reason for the popularity Patel gets. That’s it from our end to Devang Patel Biography. Read More Famous Personalities biography on GujaratCelebs.

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