Digital Pratik Biography | Digital Marketing & Personal Branding Consultant


Digital Pratik Biography | Digital Marketing And Personal Branding Consultant

Pratiksinh chudasma, popularly known as Digital Pratik is Gujarat based personality, well known for his digital marketing skills. He was born in madavpur in Gujarat and brought up in Ahmedabad. He wanted to create his own brand name and dropped out of college, knowing that it wasn’t an easy thing to do. However, today he is a digital content creator, successful, thriving and growing. He creates content about digital marketing. Not only that, he is also a digital marketing consultant. You can follow his podcasts and marketing strategies which he puts upon his social media profiles and also on Google podcast, Apple podcast, Spotify, etc. If you are looking for business tips to broaden your business’s online presence, you can contact him.

Digital Pratik biography

Digital Pratik is now an expert in Instagram ads, Facebook ads, creating social media content and is a successful blogger, podcaster and vlogger. In such a short time, this guy is ruling over the social media platforms with his inspirational story, determination, and inspiring videos. He has acquired a huge fan following and seems to be a motivation for a lot of people out there, who wish to create their individual brand identity.

Early life and education

Being a student, Pratik was an excellent one. He did his schooling from Vandana school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat till class 6. Then from the 7th standard, he shifted to A.G high school and pursued his higher secondary education from there. Next, scoring 88% he joined DDIT Nadiad and dropped out from college thrice.

Digital Pratik

1st time when he left college, he joined a call center, the second time he did so, he took classes for sales and marketing and the third time he dropped out and started learning digital marketing skills. This was a crucial and tough decision he had to make. He started his journey towards his goal in 2011 and till date he has collaborated with more than 1000 digital marketing professionals. Apart from creating content and being a consultant in this field, he does zoom calls, coaching and workshops too. You can follow him on Instagram and watch his videos. Also, you can follow his podcasts on various platforms.

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Digital Pratik’s Career

A 31-year-old guy, Digital Pratik is an exceptionally talented, lovable person who thought to give his luck a try and now has become India’s one of the leading digital marketer and consultant, a social media influencer on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and a digital content creator. Additionally, he is a keynote speaker and a thorough social media communicator. Through his in-depth and sound knowledge, he can provide you with effective marketing strategies that. will meet your set targets and optimize the workflow of your business.It’s amazing to see Digital Pratik as a bluetick verified Instagrammer, who has his personal brand identity.

 Digital Pratik Family

On 2018, his brand became nationally popular and viral. This is his life’s greatest achievement to date. He has been a determined hard-working fellow since the beginning, who started making contents since 2010 and got its results after 8 years. You can get his contents for free on Pinterest, Snapchat, Quora, LinkedIn etc.

Digital Pratik Net worth and Income

We can assume his net worth from his packages. He charges 6000 for every zoom call for half an hour. Anybody who wishes to meet him personally has to pay 12000 for an hour’s meeting. Needless to say, he has his professional clients who probably pay him in some lakhs every month.

To sum up

It goes without saying that people like Pratik is an inspiration for the youngsters. He teaches us to be self-confident and determined. Once you start believing in yourself, others start validating your thoughts too. It’s surprising and awe-inspiring to see how a college drop put student, who didn’t even complete his graduation is one of the top digital marketing experts India has.

Social Media: 

Instagram : digitalpratik

Twitter : digitalpratik

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