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Since times immemorial, India has produced enormously talented and bright fashion and design creators who have effortlessly blended old age traditions with contemporary aesthetics. Disha Vadgama is one such artist. Disha Vadgama is a successful and talented fashion designer, who is presently at the peak of success in her career due to sincerity, hard work, and obviously down to earth nature. She is one of the best of her kind we have. Check here Disha Vadgama biography.

Disha Vadgama biography.

Disha style is a mixture of traditional Indian designs with modern ones, featuring lightweight fabrics further enhanced by quirky and vibrant prints. Her fashion ideas became an instant success and within 4 years, she had her own fashion studio! Her designs have been worn by several Bollywood stars of India, who have loved and admired her work. Her work and success have got critical acclamations from prestigious fashion institutions and she has been awarded several fashion awards.

Disha Vadgama work

Throughout her career, Disha has styled more than 1000 varieties of costumes and is credited for modernizing and redefining fashion. Her unique fashion sense has earned her a high secured position in the fashion industry. According to her,” Beauty begins with the moment one decides to be oneself”. Popular for her amazing combination of contemporary fashion with Indian fabrics colors and embroidery, she has really stood out from the rest of the clothes designers we have.


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Early life

Disha Vadgama is from Rajkot.  She pursued her studies from Rajkot and did a fashion designing course there. For the last 10 years, she has been living in Ahmedabad. She comes from a middle-class Gujarati family. Her mother has always been her inspiration. She was a super creative person. Disha seems to have derived her creativity from her mother. When she was small, Disha used to notice her mother bringing fabrics and designing her own saree creatively. Not only that, her mother even designed some of Disha’s dresses for parties and gatherings. People love the outfits which her mother designed. Since then, Disha wanted to set up her own business in the field of fashion.

Disha Vadgama work

Disha believes “ To stand out, you must be different, and if you are different, you are irreplaceable


Disha started her business 7 years back in a 500 sq foot area, with two people, with one tailor and one master, who assisted her in her works. Within 8 months her business became popular and she received positive responses from her clients. Similar to other businesses, there were ups and downs but her determination pushed her forward. Initially, she delivered works using one kind of fabric but with time, she started experimenting with her skills and broadened her comfort zone. Afterward, when she gained much experience, she started providing works using various colors and fabrics. Presently, Disha Vadgama delivers a timeless style for patrons who demand a varied and rich heritage of India.

Today, Disha Vadgama has a fashion studio spreading across an area of 5000 sq feet right in the heart of Ahmedabad city. Since the beginning of her fashion and design journey in the industry, her life has been a roller coaster ride. Her business has established into the full-fledged label DV fashion.

Career highlights

  • Disha and her team have done extensive work on several themes like GULPOSH which was inspired by Mughal queens.


  • They represented in Asian designer week In Delhi. They also showcased western theme whimsical 2019 in Jaipur. They also did the Jodhpur culture show.
  • Not only that but they have also conducted national and international shows representing India on foreign soil in Mauritius.
  • The show was based on khadi new avatar of khadi. They also did Daman Utsav, rann Utsav, and many governments show based on khadi.

 Disha Vadgama awards

  • They also represented India in the Philippines for the international beauty pageant. Recently Disha Vadgama received Femina award Ahmedabad for the most powerful woman 2020.
  • She was the finale jury for INIFD, BRDS, and many Beauty pageants.

To sum up

Her brand strives to achieve perfection. They do their best to deliver their clients with incredible quality items. Her brand never compromises on the standard of services. She creates a better version of the style with innovative ideas & approaches. Disha has phenomenal Indian elements of craftsmanship and mixes them using the latest technologies like digital printing etc. producing a look that is true to Indian aesthetics and at the same time chic, contemporary, and international.

She believes that style is a way of defining who you are, as she said ” what’s my style isn’t your style. Its something that defines who you are in your own way”. Rather they ensure that they go the extra mile to serve their clients with satisfactory services.

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