Divyesh Talaviya Biography | Stylist Model | Gujarati Actor

Divyesh Talaviya Biography | Stylist Model | Gujarati Actor. Stylist Turned Actor Divyesh Talaviya Comes On-Camera to Charm the Gujarati Industry. Divyesh Talaviya, debuting in filmmaker and screenwriter VijaygiriBava’s ‘Ekvismu Tiffin’, turns out to be the new striking face in the Gujarati Film industry. With his charming personality, he has already been attracting a lot of attention.

Though Divyesh’s face happens to be quite unknown to the film audience, little did we know he has been working in the industry for a long time. Talaviya has turned out to be a popular celebrity stylist and has been famous for his work. Turns out that he has worked with a lot of popular faces from both the Gujarati film and the music industry.

Divyesh Talaviya Biography

divyesh talaviya

He started his career with modeling at a very young age. In a recent interview, he shared his early life struggles. While talking about how his family handled the career choices he tells, “It was hard for me to come from a Gujarati family and that too a Patel. I had a lot of pressure to convince my family which was a difficult task as everyone in my family to accept this profession.” Divyesh apprises his working experience with makeup artist SejalSavaliya, of course, one of his favorites. Divyesh got his first project as a stylist with her. He shares, “She gave me the chance and motivated me, I can say she is the reason for what I am now.”

Divyesh Talaviya

He also expresses how thankful he is to his co-workers and fellow makeup artists for they helped him to get chances and more exposure to the working industry. Although it is difficult these days to get acquainted with celebrities and make them trust a new stylist’s work, he felt the task was ‘epic’. Now that he is stepping into the field of acting, he keeps mum about details and leaves the audience to guess how his presence on the big screen is going to be.

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