Dr.Khushbu Pandya Biography | The social boss


Dr.Khushbu Pandya Biography | The social boss

Women are revolutionizing and empowering themselves with every passing day. Often you see achievements that are first in the series and are brought in by these lady bosses who can awaken the world for good. Such is the story of ours today as we pen down the biography for India’s first Ph.D. holder in Social Media, Dr.Khushbu Pandya. Ever wondered renaming the job role of CEO as creative everything officer, that is precisely how our boss lady presents herself. To start with, she has been the most recognizable social media marketers our country has ever witnessed. You will find more fascinating facts about her as you proceed reading this story of someone you can relate to and know what it takes to be there. Check here Dr.Khushbu Pandya Biography.

Dr.Khushbu Pandya Biography

Early Life and Education

Dr.Khushbu Pandya, for a long time now, is distinguished to hold India’s first Doctorate in the field of Social Media. A degree she is proud of since the conferring of the corresponding held in the year 2014. Khushbu has a degree in Management studies as well. After which she joined a multinational conglomerate in the telecommunication sector. However, a job isn’t the right place to stick to for a bright mind like Khushbu. She had an immense passion for teaching, and the same led her to drop the job and start as a lecturer for a university. Khushbu later even did her part as a professor for the same university. Her journey throughout these three years of teaching career gained her the inspiration to pursue a Ph.D. back in 2011.


The settling dust took a storm, and Khushbu’s career started blooming. While conducting researches for her doctorial study on Social Media, Khushbhu wrote her first book. “Weave Model”, her book received phenomenal success as it was published by a US-based publisher. The journey for Khushbu in the broad arena of Social Media marketing started soon after the success of her book.


Before becoming Dr.Khushbu Pandya that she is now, she worked as a relationship manager for a multinational telecommunications brand. From there, she got to learn the most valuable skills of her career so far, and that skill happens to be human resourcing. You can’t call it resourcing humans entirely as it is more to bestow and thrive happiness and positive content to the customers on the other side. She also gained several other skills that include building excellent relationships and maintaining them over the course of time. Khushbu believes that the same learning assisted her research studies and wield her skills even more.

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Khushbu’s startup Konvophilia Communications happens to be a business entirely started on Facebook. As the name deduces, Kovno stands as meaningful conversations, while Philia is all about love and friendship. She started this initiative during her research days to practice and implement the things she was learning. Along with that, she even used to share the inspiring work of others and grow a network of her own. As soon as she started working as a freelancer after acquiring her doctorate, Konvophilia Communications became the brand name she used to represent. Today it is a private limited company. The journey of Khushbu was all about gut feeling and confidence. Besides that, Khushbu always loves to face new challenges and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to gaining knowledge from them.


Career Highlights and Achievements

  • Khushbu authored a phenomenal book known as “Weave Model”, on the framework of Social Media.
  • She was successful in founding and organizing The Social Conclave – an event where the celebration of the evolution of Social Media is acknowledged by inviting bright minds to spread knowledge and insights.
  • Khushbu Pandya has been a motivational speaker for TEDx.
  • Counseled almost over a lakh of professionals and students on the efficient usage of social media.
  • She is a NET Certified educator to have featured in TOI, CNBC Bazar, Radio Mirchi, etc.
  • She has helped over 1000+ businesses to receive social media validation and reach their marketing goals.

To Sum Up

Dr.Khushbu Pandya is one of those women whose constant dedication to chase something vital in life has been a passion forever. Starting from helping businesses and entrepreneurs create an impactful social media existence, to contributing the most as the founder of Connect Gujarat, Khushbu has shown the world her achievements. She also is the creative social media head for Pro-life Entertainment and Production Pvt. Ltd a film production company with hits like Ratanpur and Gujarat 11, both of which had Khushbu’s attention. A master of many trades and yet learning while educating through her YouTube videos. Safe to say she is a lady boss everyone dreams to be.

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