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The real estate business in Gujarat has touched a new high over the past years. From independent houses to apartment complexes, from huge corporate setups to new start-ups, the construction companies are doing wonders.

And talking about the booming market of real estate in Ahmedabad and not taking the name of star realtor Mr. Abhijeet Dhanoki founder & Director of Dazzle Space is totally impossible!

Abhijeet Dhanoki

Dazzle Space Realtors: The passionate pursuit of Abhijeet Dhanoki

The leader of one of the most successful realtor platforms, Mr. Dhanoki has been guiding his dream company Dazzle Space quite amazingly. The journey of Dazzle Space began in 2009 when the mastermind behind the platform Mr Abhijeet Dhanoki decided to turn his dreams into reality. So, let’s find out what he has to say about his journey to success…

We see Dazzle Space as Abhijeet Dholanki’s dream. But have you always dreamt of entering the real estate sector?

I have started my career in the hospitality sector. He has worked for several travels and aviation companies such as Qatar Airways, Emirates, Flemingo duty-free shop, and Vodafone. All along this period, Dhanoki has his mindset that he would one day pamper his passion for the real estate business.

Who do you see ( MR. ABHIJEET DHANOKI ) as your inspiration?

My inspiration is my dad, as I belong to a business family. So, I have always seen my dad work hard and how he has grown his business with his ethics, honesty & punctuality in life. He taught us to be good human beings because in any business or job you do you have to be a good human being with pure integrity.

Dazzle Space is a real estate merchant, headed by Mr. Abhijeet Dhanoki, that works to turn people’s dreams into reality.


What has motivated you the most to walk the path to success?

I would say it is my passion that brought Dazzle Space to this position. Also, the company is RERA registered and I am a RERA agent.

Which projects do you depict as your career highlights?

The projects with Shivalik Group, Shilp Group, Swatiprocon, Kavishacorp, A Shridhar, Sheetal Infrastructure, Adani Realty, Venus Infrastructure, Vishwanath Builders & many more such companies brought immense success for Dazzle Space.

These are the projects that earned a lot of positivity towards our platform and made Dazzle Space one of the most renowned construction companies not just in Ahmedabad but also throughout Gujarat.

Dazzle Space has been crafting and offering brilliance for years. We can say that Mr. Dhanoki’s dream is efficaciously turning others’ dreams into authenticity.


How does your company aid people?

We value each and every dream our clients envision regarding their dream house. Dazzle Space is the ultimate platform that eases in property management, loan management, and innovative operations. We prioritize integrity and quality. Therefore, along with presenting the finest of service, we also offer honesty and passion.

What do you intend to spread to people through the business?

We are Realtors. Thus, when we do, we make a customer, and not a sale.

What are your mission and vision regarding the company?

Through Dazzle Space I aim to provide the customers with the best service experience and become the top property management solution in Ahmedabad.

And my vision is to reorganize the fragmented real estate sector with rich experience in real estate management. I believe my firm is at the right path in successfully doing so.

How is Dazzle Space different from other companies?

The team of Dazzle Space is 100% dedicated to working round-the-clock and providing the best to the customers. It is a platform is puts complete effort to turn the impossible into possible. Dazzle Space offers the most attractive and amazing deals on buying a house or an office.

If you are planning on buying your dream house or looking for a corporate workspace to kick-start your startup, this is the best place to begin your journey.

The best deals for commercial and residential purposes are planned and created here in this firm. Let’s see what Mr. Dhanoki says about the company’s current status in the market…

What is the present status of the business?

Being a real estate company, by God’s grace, Dazzle Space is booming with new projects. We present to our clients the best residential and commercial spaces at the best locations. Dazzle has gained a position that only a few brand builders hold.

What are the biggest strengths of Dazzle Space?

The clients get to experience an excellent journey to building their dream property. We connect people and brand builders and have been doing so for years. Be it cozy or luxury homes, small or large office spaces, Dazzle Space has the best to present. We build brands and craft excellence.

Why choose Dazzle Space over other firms?

Our company believes in giving better services, good knowledge of projects. We are no brokerage firm for new projects. Dazzle Space closes the deals at the best price. The best part is that we are approachable & we to fulfill our clients’ needs. Also, we focus on

  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Honest
  • Punctuality
  • Transparency in business

To get your hands on the best of deals and perfection, follow the social media Dazzle Space here…

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Contact Dazzle Space and book an appointment today:

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