Geeta Rabari Biography | Age | Family | Net worth | House | Photos


Geeta Rabari Biography | Age| Family | Net worth | House | Photos

One of the most famous folk singers of Gujarat, especially Kutch is Geeta Ben Rabari. Though she is a budding singer and quite new to the music industry, she has achieved fame and popularity in a short time. She came to the spotlight after her famous Gujarat song ” Roma ser ma” came out. Ever since then, Geeta Ben Rabari is referred to as “the Kutchi koyal”, because of her sweet soothing voice that hits us right in the right places.

As the quality of the music industry has been worsening day by day, especially that of folk songs, we often wonder what happened to the melodious, evergreen, and original voices that are bold enough to shine among a whole lot of recreated and rehearsed version of songs. Geeta Ben Rabari is surely an exception to the new generation singers. If you want to know more about her early life and journey to fame, read the Geeta Rabari Biography article below.

Geeta Rabari Biography

Early life and education

She is a Gujarati girl born in Tappar in Kutch. Geeta did her elementary schooling from JNV, the Jamnagar high school. She comes from a small village called tappar of anjar taluka. Geeta never had a luxurious upbringing. She started to develop a passion for singing when she was in her 5th standard. Her neighbours often called her to sing on occasions because they loved her melodious voice.

From a small age, she started to sing bhajans, santvani, folklore etc and earned little amounts. By the time she became 20, she already had become a famous singer of kutch. Even after she got popular in Gujarat, she didn’t leave her birthplace and family behind to earn more fame. She stayed with them and contributed her income to her family. Geeta Ben Rabari is her parent’s only daughter and hence has a lot of responsibilities to live up to.


What is most amazing about her voice is that she never received proper training and education of music and yet is one of the most famous folk singers of Gujarat. Her famous song Rona Sherma re was released on YouTube and got 195 million views! That’s a great achievement for anyone coming from a small village.

Since the release of her two most famous songs, Rona Sherman re and eklo Rabari, people are wishing for more songs from her. Geeta always wears traditional ghagra chunni to all her events. All through her singing career, she has sung in various programs held across India. Two years back on 24th November 2018 she performed a stage program at Madhapur to collect funds for cattle feeding and collected 1.05 cores! For doing a stage program, Geeta charges around Rs. 50,000. For doing group performances, she charges Rs. 1 lakh from the organizers. In 2019, Geeta Ben Rabari was lucky enough to meet the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi at the Indian parliament and dedicated a song to him.

After making her singing debut with the song ” Rona ser ma” Geeta did her next song, “eklo Rabari”. Both the songs are extremely popular among the Indian audience, especially Gujarati people. These two songs mainly have earned Geeta fame and appreciation. Besides, these two Gujarati songs, Geeta has done a Gujarati album. Desi dhol vage, DJ version of moj na revu, masti ma mastani, swift gaadi farava motarkar etc are some of her popular renditions.

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It’s almost impossible for a person to not fall in love with the magical voice of Geeta Ben Rabari. Even people who aren’t music maniacs will find solace in her voice. Hearing her voice would make anyone oblivious to the surroundings and hit the right chords in your hearts. A singer like Geeta, who has been gifted with such a soothing voice is extremely rare in today’s world. It’s amazing to see how her natural voice does wonders without needing any extra effort. The ample songs she has sung so far demonstrate her immense potentialities and talents as a singer. Her voice has an imperishable quality which would make anyone feel lost in the sea of music. If Geeta Ben is melodic, it’s because her natural voice complements her practice and dedication, allowing her to create wonders.

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