Heena Somani Biography | Age | Fashion Consultant | Makeup Artist


Heena Somani Biography | Age | Fashion Consultant | Makeup Artist

Heena Somani is a 28 years old professional fashion consultant, makeup artist, and a marketer who strives to make a change by assisting people in consciously altering their image for success. She possesses an innate quality for visual communication. She has even worked towards women empowerment and contributed to Gujarat Gaurav. Acquiring fame at such a young age, she was even invited as the guest lecturer at the reputed Ahmedabad management association to deliver a speech for women’s Ahmedabad medical association regarding the power of proper dressing. Check out here most stylish woman Heena Somani Biography.



Heena Somani studied mass communication in various global institutes like the Raffles design institute in Singapore, London school of fashion in London and the fashion institute of technology in New York has made her stand out from the rest in the field of fashion. Living in various countries and studying at various institutions, she has got wide exposure to this arena. She believes that the power of appearance is underrated even today and hence she tries to make people understand that the potential is the key.

This woman started her journey as an artist when she was 17. She learned this art while she assisted major makeup artists and later on went ahead to create her own identity in the fashion industry.


Career highlights

Not only that, but her styling works have also been aired on fashion Tv three times the biggest achievement of Heena Somani lies in the fact that she was one of the two Indians who were invited to the Milano fashion film festival. All through these years, with dedication and determination, she has gathered a huge cliental base who consult with her for evaluating their personal style, fashion sense, dressing choices, wardrobe assessment, and overall evaluation if their appearance. Apart from doing these professionally, she conducts multiple workshops in collaboration with corporate organizations, colleges and sometimes independently on how to pose, dress, groom etc. Till date, she has worked with Gujarat University, Ahmedabad mirror, NIFT, ICBI, CII, COIS etc.

Heena Somani


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  • Her professionalism and adeptness in this field have earned her the “lady of excellence title in 2015 by south-east Asia alliance.
  • She was also honored with the youth entrepreneur award by ECA, a woman excellence award by WPDO.
  • Also, she was a judge representing our country in the miss Singapore Islandia pageant 2014 held in Singapore.
  • She was also a panel judge for Mr. and Mrs. Gujarati pageant in 2015.
  • She makes social media content on fashion, bridal looks, and bridal makeup.

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To sum up

Iconic Heena Somani is an extraordinary fashion enthusiast, image consultant, and personal stylist. Heena Somani is presently the executive head of a lifestyle exhibition enterprise named ” the shopping Diva events”. The company arranges events and workshops in Gujarat by inviting all renowned designers and fashion consultants and bringing them together. She is a name to reckon with, in today’s fashion industry. You can look up to her Instagram, YouTube, and other social media profiles for getting ideas on trending looks and suggestions.


Heena Somani tries to make people aware of the importance of one’s appearance. You can follow her workshops and exhibitions and follow her demonstrations on skincare, eye makeup, base makeup, discovering your statement, tips to get the right posture and figure, etc.

In short, she aims to make people feel confident in themselves by bringing their inner strength and let them project themselves consciously in front of others, to prevent others from judging people. She works towards spreading awareness of the image movement. Heena helps people in understanding their tastes and helping them identify what looks would give them their best appearance. She tries to make people understand the power of appearance.

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