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The popular Gujarati singer and writer Hemant Chauhan is especially known around the world for his folk music. He has contributed to the field of Indian traditional folk music, including religious songs, Bhajan, and Garba songs. Titles as the ‘Bhajan King’ of Gujarati music, Chauhan’s name stands among the best singers of Sugam sangeet. He is also an excellent songwriter and author. Let’s read more in hemant chauhan biography.

Early Life

Hemant Chauhan was born in Kundi village in Rajkot, Gujarat, in 1955. Most of his childhood has been spent in his birthplace. His interest in devotional music developed since he was a child. Music flowed through generations. His father and grandfather, the both, were amazing religious singers. While studying in college, he finally joined a music institute to learn formally. 

His first album, “Dasi Jivan Na Bhajano”, was released in 1978. It came out as a big hit across the community. He gained a huge fan base by singing bhajans written by great Gujarati saint and poet Dasi Jivan. His songs contain a uniqueness of traditional kathiyawad. 

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Career & Success

The extraordinarily talented singer has released more than 5000 bhajans and devotional songs. His songs are famous among the Gujarati community across and outside India. Chauhan has performed globally to his fans.

Amongst his numerous great songs “Bharat no Bhimaro”, “Bhandharan kon lakhe”, “Pankhida o pankhida”, “Om namah Shivay”, “Shriman Narayan Narayan”, “Hey Ram Hey Ram Dhun”, “Om mangalam Omkar Mangalam dhun”, “Bhajman Bam Bam Bholenath”, “Stuti Namoh Bhoothnath”, “Laher Lagi bhajan ni”, Live in Leicester “Tu Rangai Jane Rang Ma”, “Shuv Tandav”, “He Jagjanani he jagdamba”, “Tare rahevu bhada na makan me”, “Chotile dakla vagya”, “Shrinathji and bhajan”, “Pankhida ne aa Pinjaru”, “Unchi medi te mara sant ni re”, “Raakh Na Ramakada”, “O Ma Meri”, “Pyalo me pidhel che bharpoor”, “dekhanda koi aa dal mai”, and “Kaleja katari, madi mune laine maari” stand out as the favorites of all. 

His success could be witnessed when in 2007, Chauhan toured to North America at his concert, “Kathiya Wadi Lok Dayra and Bhajan Sandhya”. The concert was a big hit. He has fans all over the globe, including the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, East Africa, Japan, France, Greece, etc. Hemant Chauhan received the “Akademi Ratna Award 2011” in 2012 for his contribution to traditional Gujarati folk music.

Hemant Chauhan has been included in the world record for his matchless contribution in singing 8028 folk, Gujarati, and devotional songs for 38 years by World Book of Records, London.

Sum Up

The ‘Bhajan King’ Hemant Chauhan has inspired many aspiring folk singers. The new generation of singers who are interested in traditional music is eager to follow his steps. They wish to become as successful as him. His daughter has learned Shastriy sangit from a Music College, and sin has learned traditional organs from great musician Kantibhai Sonsatra. 

In the last 20 years, he has sung around a total of 6000 songs for recording purposes, among which almost 1500 are folk songs, 200 Garba songs, and the rest are devotional religious songs. With his soulful voice and amazing singing, Hemant Chauhan has been ruling over Gujarati folk music for decades. His devotion can be witnessed in the bhajans, which come from within himself. That’s it from our end in to hemant chauhan biography. Read more biography on Gujaratcelebs.

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