How to Get Blue Tick Verification On JOSH App

Josh App Verification: In this article, you will get to know all about Josh App  & also how to get Blue tick Verification on Josh APP


Josh App

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India’s home-grown video creator app Josh is now officially the largest community. Watch unlimited short videos and make the finest ones to show the world what you have to offer. The Dailyhunt owned application has been smartly developed by Ver Se Innovation private Limited. Connect to the wider world sitting inside your comfort zone and become a content creator!

Through Josh online app you can follow your preferred artists and get the opportunity to craft a place for yourself among them. You can find the trending music here along with over 15 entertainment genres like dance, jokes, comedy, fashion, Bollywood, and many more. Log in to the Josh app website and get every detail about Josh app. You can effortlessly shoot, create your playlist, make duets, and share the videos across platforms. More than 20 million celebrity influencers are there to inspire you!


  1. Is the Josh app made in India?

Josh short video app is fully developed in India in 2020 and in won by Dailyhunt.

  1. How is Josh the largest video creator app in India?

Josh skills app is the fastest-growing short video app that holds record engagement. The app has 54 million daily active users in India and 110 million monthly active users.

  1. Is Josh app apksafe to use?

The cloud of Josh app is built on a safe enterprise-grade platform that regularly manages audits and controls HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and ISO. Download Josh app to create your finest content in peace.

  1. How to get the verified blue tick in the Josh app?

Through the ‘About’ page of the Josh video app, you can reach the user support section. All you have to do is to send a mail elaborating your issue with verification and the assistance team will review your profile and provide the blue tick post with the process.

But keep in mind, it is an internal process. Getting the account verified completely depends on the quality of the created content, followers, and engagement of the profile.

  1. Is the Josh app popular?

After its launch in September 2020, the Josh app became an instant hit. The Josh app apk downloads crossed the 50 million mark and 1 billion video plays within 45 days. By that time, the app reached 23 million daily active users.

  1. Is the Josh app similar to Tik Tok?

Josh is a short video app like Tik Tok. After Tik Tok got banned in India, India’s own platform Dailyhunt developed the platform alongside Ver Se Innovation private Limited. The parent company is now worth $1 billion after its success.

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  1. How to create a video on the Josh app website?

Using the + button on the app, you can create videos. There are options to add various filters, audio, and effects.

  1. How to increase viewers and reach on the Josh app?

After making the video and before posting it, giving a suitable description of the video and using apt hashtags will help the video reach the maximum audience.

  1. Can previously recorded videos from the mobile gallery can be uploaded on Josh?

Yes. Tap on the + button and select the ‘Album’ option to upload already recorded videos. The videos have to be less than 60 seconds long and within 50 MB in size.

  1. How to choose music while creating a video on the Josh app for pc?

After tapping the + button, you will find the option ‘Pick a song’ on the screen. You can choose one of the trending tracks or find your preferred song through the search button.

  1. Can duet videos be made on Josh?

Yes. You can make duets your my Josh app. But the original maker or uploader has to have enabled the duet option while uploading their videos.

  1. Which hashtags to choose while uploading a video?

Use hashtags you think are relevant and perfectly goes with the video you are to upload on Josh.

  1. Why is my video taking time to get uploaded?

Based on the huge volumes, the app takes a bit extra time to process the video. Don’t be worried as nothing will go wrong with the video quality or content.

  1. Can we report the video on the Josh app?

Yes. Click on the three-dots option over the video screen and tap the ‘report’ option. Any obscene or explicit content will be removed after review.

  1. How to increase followers on Josh?

It completely depends on your effort. Try to create more videos, check for content quality, use more hashtags (relevant), and engage in more challenges on the app. Once your contents’ engagement increases you will start gaining more followers.

  1. Can I follow someone from my content’s comment section?

Go to their profile by tapping on the user’s name from your comment section and follow the profile by tapping the ‘follow button.

  1. How can I take part in the latest challenges on the Josh app?

Go to the ‘Discover’ page and check all the current challenges going on. You can create a video based on them and upload your video with the same hashtag being used in the challenge.

  1. What details does it require to create a profile on the Josh app?

You can easily sign up with your valid mobile number. Add your Josh app photo, username, and bio to customize your Josh profile.

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