In talks with Deepali Prakash Chhatwani, The Creator and Founder of THE DEECEE SHOW

Recently we got an opportunity to be in touch with the leading face of The DEECEE Show, the beautiful Deepali Prakash Chhatwani. Better known as Deecee, the gorgeous lady has managed to be the creator and founder of the digital media content agency ‘Content Kosh’. She has been a former employee of ‘Ahmedabad Mirror’, ‘DNA India’, and ‘Ahmedabad Times’.

About THE DEECEE SHOW, from the founder herself

Deepali happily shares, “The Deecee show is very close to my heart. It was not a plan for my 20s. It was planned for, may-be, my 30s. After I quit journalism, I was still active in the Gujarati film industry. And I have spent more than 5 years covering their daily routine and best and the worst days. During the lockdown, I thought this is the right time to come up with something around them and touch base with them on a different level and in a new format.


Earlier I wasn’t too sure to start my show so early as I mentioned earlier, but as soon as I shared this idea and concept with my mentor Chiranjiv Patel and Parthiv Gohil, their first reaction was, “Go for it, and you are meant for something like this. You are already late, don’t delay much just start shooting for it.”

Spoke to my friend Paavan Shukla and there on there was no looking back and we headed to shoot the shot both in Mumbai and in Ahmedabad.

We made the show in Hindi and English to make it reach not just the Gujarati communities abroad but to let it reach the global audience in general.

Couldn’t have asked for more and the kind of support and love I have received from everyone on social media is what I am going to cherish for the life to come.

The journey from Deepali to DEECEE. A brand name in itself and everything on your own. How was it?

When I started off as a journalist in Mirror, I was happy doing whatever I was doing but did not realize I would be known as deecee. It all happened when I started writing a lot about various actors and their day to day activities. And that made me a known personality in Ahmedabad and on Instagram. My name on Instagram is deeceee and I realized people picked up that name to call me and address me in general. I now know people who have saved my name as deecee and don’t know my real name Deepali. It is funny but I am happy, I am known like this. It is my identity that is reflected well.


Coming back to do it all and how? It wasn’t all done in a day. Crazy time and energy I have put into being whatever I am. I am a hardworking and career-oriented person. I am also known as a go-getter, but that is what I am. I have earned all of this with my hard work, commitment, and dedication to work. I prefer challenges over comfort zone and that’s you will always see me in the file and never chilling at one place for a long time,

It wasn’t easy, nothing is easy, but it looks easy cos you love what you do and that’s that.

How the show is being maintained? 

“We made sure we are not asking any controversial questions like certain shows. We are not inspired by any talk shows. We have planned our own segments in the show. The concept is heart to heart conversation. We had to keep in mind certain things as everyone was coming out of lockdown. I did not want to offend anyone with any of my questions. Wanted to be kind to all of them and I have been. I did not want to create any conflict between the actors. The show is not to create controversy but to have the guests talk about the good old amazing days they have had in the past and of the future.”

Your survival in Mumbai?

Mumbai as a city ha been very kind and lucky for me. I can’t explain this thing but I know one thing if you want something, God answers your prayers sooner or later. And your wishes do come true if you work hard for it. I always wanted to pursue in Mumbai and writing about showbiz. I got married and moved to Mumbai. But my visits to Ahmedabad is frequent and how.

In the beginning, I was scared of the city when I shifted. But then could get in sync with the vibe and started loving it. The lockdown made me love the city more.

Mumbai has given me a fabulous welcome and special friends not just from the industry but otherwise too. My work has really prospered well in the Mumbai market. I have nothing to complain about. All I know is I have the best of both worlds. Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Deepali Prakash

Which stories of hers inspired DEECEE the most in the work field?

  • An article she wrote in ‘Ahmedabad Times’ on how the Gujarati celebs are invited to weddings and functions and get paid a huge amount. That article reached a lot of readers, making the celebs more popular and ultimately increasing their invitations. As it was a wedding season, people in Gujarat got the idea, and the celebs gained a lot of exposure through that, making Deepali the major reason behind it.
  • Deepali did a story on the helping hand of Ahmedabad Police. It consisted of how the police help anyone who has stuck anywhere in the city and has no access to transport or vehicle. Ahmedabad Police would pick them up and drop them at the doorstep with full responsibility. Deepali, herself, tried and called the police, and it worked, making the story spread to the citizens.
  • The stories with food trends and the latest joints she has written.
  • Her article on how brides and dance are a new combo these days. They make their entrance dancing in songs of their choice, and it has become a new trend. The story got a crazy reach on digital platforms.

Working with Ahmedabad Times

DEECEE quite proudly says, “I am glad that the Times of India never stopped me, in fact, loved me for who I am, a passionate journalist.

The team AT has been a great support. In fact both my editors told me to try TV or camera as it will be just the perfect medium for me. I love how they supported me and are still in touch.

And that’s why I would just go all out doing things, making it all happen, be it difficult articles or shoots. I love how my team always supported and encouraged me to do great and better work than the previous one.

DEECEE’s achievements in the field

Deepali revealed that currently, she is pursuing a PhD. at Gujarat University. When talking about her achievements, she says, “I am the only journalist in Gujarat who has worked with all the three English leading newspapers who have entertainment as a section. I think that is nothing less than an achievement.”

DEECEE’s Current projects

Managing ‘Content Kosh’ and getting the social media content agency to achieve all the success

While talking about THE DEECEE SHOW, she continued, “Currently I am all set to do a series of THE DEECEE SHOW. The first series was all about actors. So, the next one is going to be all about the Amdavadis and the rest of the world. I am still working on it with my team. Soon we will kick-start the shoot. That will be shot both in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. It’s going to be really different and unique.”

How does DEECEE maintain the balance between work and personal life?

Deepali pronounces, “Wherever I am I give my 100%, be it home or work. I like to work in a time-limit. I make sure I have time-space for myself. My day starts with a workout and I start working on what to do for my clients. As soon as I finish I spend some time with my husband and family. I make sure there is a balance on daily basis. I make sure I don’t touch work after 9 pm. Also, I always keep scrolling and going through social media to know what is on-trend. As an agency, I should know everything that’s trending and all of it.

Keeping all that in mind, I balance my work and personal life. My husband also understands how workaholic I am, and lets me be. In fact, we talk about work and how differently I can do things than usual. Sometimes his perspective towards any of my projects gets me better reach. Also, My team is very strong and equally passionate about doing good things for clients, so it is a win-win situation..”

She continues after thinking a bit, “I never thought it’s all going to work out so fast. With shifting to a new city and beginning the show, covid, having my own good team around. Touchwood to everything that’s nothing but a blessing to me.

Currently, I am shuffling between the cities. I travel to Ahmedabad often. A lot of people ask me how I manage it all, but my guy understands me in everything. He knows how crazy it all is.”

DEECEE’s favorites

Food – South Indian and everything in Gujarati food

Hangout Place – Ahmedabad

Colour – Purple, Black, Pink, Red

Hobby – Scrolling Instagram and Facebook and understanding what is happening, Seeing what people are commenting about THE DEECEE SHOW.

Dream project – THE DEECEE SHOW, making ‘Content Kosh’ the best social media content agency in India. Most trusted actually

Actors – John Abraham, Deepika Padukone

Inspiration – People around her and their journey; Narendra Modi, Malhar Thakar (her friend), Chiranjiv Patel (mentor)

The special person in life – Herself and her husband

Wish to come true – ‘Content Kosh’ reaching the peak

DEECEE’s Message to the audience

“Be yourself, be kind, support each other, and understand people’s happiness. It’s very important to know who is going through what. Not judging. Keeping the communication clear and precise. No mean things. The world is still recovering, people are still vulnerable and suffering from various problems. Just be soft and nice. I feel It’s better to be someone’s happiness rather than becoming a grudge.”

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