The Paralympic athletes prove they are no less than anyone as India wins a total of 19 medals. The 17 super-players brought 5 gold medals along with 8 silver medals and 6 bronze medals. If this is not something to be proud of then what can be! Within a period of two weeks, the nation witnessed history in the making. The fabulous athletes did not only play their best but also inspired a whole generation and the next. Their dedication and hope will keep on motivating the youth of this country.

Let us now know some more about these Paralympics athletes who have been on the headlines for their amazing talent.

  • Avani Lekhara 

This 19-year-old shooter crafted a record and equalled the world record in the SH1 10m air rifle shooting. After winning the gold medal, Lekhara went on and made India even prouder with a bronze medal in the SH1 50m 3p rifle. Avani Lekhara became dependent in a wheelchair after her spinal cord got injured in a fatal car accident when was 10. However, her optimism got her to the place she is in today.

  • Sumit Antil

The brilliant wrestler lost his left leg due to an accident. But, his dedication to doing something great introduced Javelin to Sumit. This 23-year-old javelin thrower smashed his own world record thrice as he made his way towards the gold medal. Sumit Antil participated in the F64 Javelin.

Even after creating and breaking world records thrice in a day in a single match, Antil says this one was not his best! Well, if this is not the spirit, we do not know what is!

  • Manish Narwal

The ardent football lover Manish Narwal had to let go of his dream of becoming a football player due to congenital impairment in the right hand. In 2016, Narwal took up shooting and formed an interest in the sport. Now, after just a few years of immense practice, 19 years old Manish Narwal wins the gold medal in the SH1 50m pistol.

  • Pramod Bhagat 

The four-time world champion Pramod Bhagat got affected by polio when he was only five years old. His love for games inspired him to play badminton in his teenage. Now, the 33 years old badminton champion brings the gold medal to his country by winning the men’s singles SL3 badminton.

  • Krishna Nagar 

Krishna Nagar wins the men’s singles SL6 badminton and gets the gold medal for his brilliant sportsmanship. The 22 years old athlete had been diagnosed with dwarfism at the age of two. Badminton became his hobby a few years back and the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics turned into the ultimate proof of Krishna Nagar’s exceptional playing.

  • Bhavinaben Patel

By defeating multiple table tennis champions from various countries, Bhavinaben Patel created her way to winning the silver medal in the women’s singles class 4. Bhavina Patel was diagnosed with polio at the age of one and have been dependant on a wheelchair ever since her childhood. However, nothing could stop Bhavinaben Patel from achieving success. Today, she is one of the biggest stars of the Tokyo Paralympics.

  • Nishad Kumar

The 21 years old High Jump athlete won the silver medal by competing in the men’s T46/47 high jump. The awesome player had already participated in several high jump competitions in the non-para category. Nishad Kumar started competing in the para category in 2017. In the Tokyo Paralympics, Nishad Kumar scored equal to the Asian record which was created by him.

  • Devendra Jhajharia

This 40 years old brilliant athlete has been winning golds for the country for quite some time now! Devendra Jhajharia won the first position in Javelin throwing in 2004 and 2016. In Tokyo Paralympics 2020, Devendra Jhajharia wins the silver in the F46 javelin throw following the winner Dinesh Herath from Shri Lanka. Also, Devendra Jhajharia broke his own record in the game.

  • Yogesh Kathuniya

With encouragement from his friends, Yogesh Kathuniya took up athletics (discus throw) after he joined college. The 24 years old player suffered a paralytic attack at the of eight and since then he is left with impaired limb coordination. 2020 Tokyo Paralympics stood as the proof of Yogesh’s unyielding dedication where he bagged the silver medal in the F56 discus throw although he did not have a coach to guide him. His saying that he is going to break the world record in Paris Paralympics shows Yogesh Kathuniya’s winning spirit.

  • Mariyappan Thangavelu

The High Jump champion Mariyappan Thangavelu brought the silver medal in the T63 high jump to the nation. Mariyappan Thangavelu had also won the gold medal in the same category in the 2016 Paralympics. The 26 years old amazing athlete lost his right leg due to a bus accident at the age of five. The deadly tragedy could not demolish Mariyappan’s hope as he is now shining bright among the finest of athletes of India.

  • Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar participated in the T64 men’s high jump in which he won the silver medal. Praveen proved his brilliance in the very first Paralympic games he took part in. the great athlete has been suffering congenital impairment. Yet, his unbending commitment pushes Praveen to keep going and doing better.

  • Singhraj Adana

This 39-year-old great athlete bagged two medals in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. After struggling throughout his life, Adana is now showing how much he has to offer to the country. Singraj Adana has won the silver medal in the SH1 mixed 50m pistols and the bronze medal in the P1 10m air pistol shooting. Undoubtedly, he is one of the best shooters to take part in the Paralympic games.

  • Suhas Yathiraj

This 38-year-old badminton champion is not only a great player but also a serving IAS officer. Suhas Yathiraj, the silver winner in the SL4 badminton, is also the DM of Noida at present! Suhas Yathiraj started playing badminton when he was being trained in the civil services academy. No wonder such a talented person was born to make the nation proud.

  • Sunder Singh Gurjar

The two-time Para world record holder won the bronze medal in the men’s F46 javelin throw. Before he lost his left palm in the year 2015 due to an accident, Sunder Singh Gurjar used to take part in the game in the general category. Such a tragic incident failed to strike his enthusiasm as Gurjar works to become stronger every day.

  • Sharad Kumar

Sharad Kumar won the bronze medal in the men’s T63 high jump following the silver winner Mariyappan Thangavelu. 29 years old Sharad Kumar’s left leg became paralyzed at the age of two after allegedly being given a false polio vaccination. Kumar has been taking part in high jump competitions since he was in high school. This Paralympics stands as the winning stage for him.

  • Harvinder Singh

This 31-year-old exceptional athlete won the bronze medal in the individual recurve open. Harvinder Singh is also the first-ever archer to win a medal at the Paralympics for India. He began training for archery while Singh was pursuing his doctorate degree in economics.

  • Manoj Sarkar

The three-time world championship winner Manoj Sarkar bagged the bronze medal in the SL3 badminton. Manoj Sarkar is currently 31 years old. He has been playing the sport from an early after his left leg was affected by polio. His commitment to life brought him to this stage where Manoj Sarkar successfully made the entire nation proud.

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