Interesting Stories & Lesser – known Facts About RATAN TATA

In this article, we will discuss some interesting and lesser-known stories & Facts about Ratan Tata’s life. So, buckle up!

One of the biggest names in India’s business industry and the greatest industrialist of the country Ratan Tata is known to all. While his brilliant business techniques inspire the rising entrepreneurs, his philanthropic nature makes the world go in awe with the man’s deeds. After Ratan Tata became the Chairman of Tata Group, the company’s revenue increased more than 40 times. Also, the business came across record profit, which was above 50 times.

Furthermore, the acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford was the complete deal breaker. That historic deal still stands as the poof of Ratan Tata’s exceptional businessman-ship.

Now, that the whole world knows about the great man’s life and journey to becoming the ultimate industrialist in India, we will discuss some interesting and lesser-known stories and facts about Ratan Tata’s life. So, buckle up!

  • Ratan Tata is a trained pilot. He is the first Indian businessman to fly an F-16 Falcon fighter jet in February 2007 in Bangalore.
  • Naval Tata, the father of Ratan Tata, was adopted by Ratanji Tata.
  • Ratan Tata holds the honorary awards Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan.
  • Ratan Tata never got married. While he decided to move back to India from LA, Tata’s girlfriend’s family denied to let her move to the country. For which their ways parted, and Ratan Tata stayed a bachelor all his life.
  • Ratan Tata owns two dogs named Maximus and Tito.
  • Ratan Tata was offered employment at IBM, which he rejected; as JRD Tata, the former chairman of Tata Group, persuaded him to join the family business.
  • Ratan Tata leads a middle-class life. Tata lives at Colaba, Mumbai.
  • Ratan Tata drives a compact SUV Nexon.
  • Ratan Tata donates a huge amount of sum every year to charity works and startups.
  • Ratan Tata holds both Engineering and Architecture degrees.
  • Ratan Tata is an alumnus of Cornell University of Architecture and Harvard Business School.
  • The net worth of Ratan Tata is worth $1 billion. Because of his philanthropic activities, Tata’s net worth is lower than many businesspersons. However, according to reports, Ratan Tata could be the 3rd richest person in the globe if he were not a philanthropist.

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Awestruck Belongings of & facts about Ratan Tata –

  • Ratan Tata owns a 14,000 sqft sea-facing house at Colaba. The property is reportedly worth Rs. 150cr.
  • Ratan Tata own a Dassault falcon jet. As a licensed pilot, he got to buy the luxurious jet for $30 million.
  • Ratan Tata has some of the most expensive and deluxe cars, which include a Jaguar CFTR, Maserati Quattroporte, and a Ferrari California.


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