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For ages, Bollywood has set a standard for songs that have been the finest example of soulful lyrics, soothing melodies, and a bunch of exquisite vocalists.

Jahnvi Shrimankar Biography

Songsters who have enchanted their spectators with their magical voice, we will witness one of these vocalists, Jahnvi Shrimankar who gifted a bunch of songs and make Gujarat proud with her shine.

Let’s witness the whole musical journey of Jahnvi Shrimankar as a singer…

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Jahnvi Shrimankar Biography

Jahnvi Shrimankar was born in New Delhi.  Jahnvi Shrimankar originally belongs to a Gujarati family. From her early childhood, she had an immense fondness for music and at the age of only seven, she started her musical journey. Jahnvi primarily sings for Bollywood movies and music albums. This talented songster has been trained under music legends such as Shri Purshottam Upadhyay and Smt. Kaumudi Munshi.

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Jahnvi has that power to set the stage absolutely on fire with her voice. In her career, she has done many successful stage shows and continuing. As a singer, she even shared the stage with another eminent singer Parthiv Gohil.

Besides singing for Bollywood films she is a regular singer who often sings for numerous Television serials, Jingles and radio plays and also sings in Gujarati and Malayalam. Jahnvi has been also featured in popular musical shows such as Ishq Sufiana, Rages to Rock, Navras, Rag Rang, and Kavya Samaroh.

Some of Jahnvi’s popular songs from movies and music albums are,Sajan More’, ‘Babaji Ka Thullu’ (Red Rass Season 5), ‘Chundaldi’ ‘Leja Leja (Teere Sang), ‘Prem Nagar’ (2020), ‘Khubaroo’  (The Melodious Parthiv Gohil), ‘Saybo’(Gujarati songs), ‘Tamari  Najarma’, ‘Ek Patan Shaher’, ‘Hari Hari Jevi Tamari Marji’ (2004), Meera Ne Madhav No Raas (2020) and the lists goes on…

A dream got fulfilled when Jahnvi lend her voice for Alia Bhatt in legendary filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s venture Gangubai Khathiawadi. The DHOLIDA won hearts and made the fans groove enthusiastically the moment it was released! Her craze continues to shine brighter in and around Gujarat.

In Conclusion…..

This extraordinary singing sensation often uploads her music videos on a youtube channel. And she has her Facebook Page and Instagram Handle too where she shares a daily glimpse of her life and also shares the updates of her upcoming shows and music projects that she is working on.

Jahnvi has quite proved and established her as a brilliant vocalist so far..with time we hope she will keep us entertained by representing a series of soulful songs.

1. What is Jahnvi Shrimankar’s age?
Jahnvi Shrimankar was born in the month of January. But singers don’t age neither do their songs.
2. What language does Jahnvi Shrimankar speak?
Jahnvi Shrimankar speaks both Hindi and Gujarati. She also knows various Indian languages.
3. Where was Jahnvi Shrimankar brought up?
She was born and brought up in New Delhi.
4. What is Jahnvi Shrimankar’s debut song in Bollywood?
Jahnvi Shrimankar debuted in Bollywood with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s grand movie Gangubai Khathiawadi’s DHOLIDA.
5. Did Jahnvi work in Bollywood before?
Yes, Jahnvi Shrimankar worked in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s team during Sawariyaa. She says that it has been a dream come true to be able to sing as a lead vocalist in his film.
6. Is Jahnvi Shrimankar married?
Not known.

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