Jiya Sosa Biography

In no sphere are women lagging behind. They have reached the peak of dominance in every sector, be it in administration, entertainment, social or political or any other field.

There are amazing wonder women in every field who are doing wonders and inspiring the rest. Similarly, a few talented women too have made huge contributions in the make-up and film industry and they are further excelling in these fields and careers.

Jiya Sosa Biography

What have made women artists stand out from men artists are their sheer taste and fashion preferences. This biography deals with one such wonder woman who has secured a brilliant position in the makeup industry, Jiya Sosa.

She is now recognized as a leading professional makeup artist, coming from Surat, Gujarat. This biography might be short but filled with her achievements and success so far.

Jiya Sosa isn’t only famous in the industry because of her skills and fashion taste, but also because of her unique makeup ideas and tutorials.

She is having huge huge fan following on Instagram, with more than 500k followers. Not only on Instagram, but verified on facebook also and a lot of people follow her live sessions on Facebook as well. With her amazing, creative and original makeup ideas, she has built a huge fan base in this industry.

She is an fantastic, outstanding and renowned makeup artist, she has achieved great success in the make- up industry. With her unconventional techniques and commitment to work excellence, she has made her name for herself in the field.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jiya has adapted by conducting online sessions and workshops to continue sharing her unique makeup skills.


Jiya Sosa besides providing us with various makeup ideas, for various occasions also puts up tutorials on several hairstyles and ideas. She is one of the few makeup artists who also does the hair besides facial makeup.

It goes without saying that Jiya Sosa never compromises on the quality of service and that’s why she is one of the top listed professional artists from Ahmedabad. She has a huge cliental base.

So far, her clients and customers have derived satisfactory services from their team of professionals. Not only does she provide her clients with the best options and ideas, but also meets her customer’s expectations as much as possible.

Career Highlights

The success story of this glorious women isn’t a bed of roses. She had to struggle a lot in her early days, to secure the position where she stands today.

Jiya Sosa entered this industry 14 years ago. Earlier she was a model. After gaining experience and expertise for 14 long years, she is finally a professional make-up artist and a stage makeup artist.

Professionally, this is her 5th year in this industry. At present, she is an internationally certified makeup artist. Are you willing to know more about her career? We have listed some of the main achievements of Jiya Sosa in the makeup industry so far.

Over the past four months, Jiya’s academy has experienced growth, thanks to her consistent traveling and educational sessions.

While the pandemic has affected many industries, Jiya has found innovative ways to connect with her trainees and provide makeup guidance virtually.

Jiya’s career took highlight in the Gujarati Film Industry, where she had got the opportunity to work with the well-known personalities such as Shilpa Shetty, HimanshiKhurrana, Urvashi Rautela, and Mahima Chaudhary, from bollywood and among others.

Let’s have a look.

  • The gorgeous and talented Jaya Sosa is known as ” first live makeup queen of India”.
  • Also, she was awarded as the “rising star of 2018 and 2019” by the Bollywood evergreen star, Shilpa Shetty.
  • Her biggest achievement lies in being the first makeup artist to represent India, overseas in 5 countries:
  • Malaysia, East Africa, Mauritius, Singapore and Dubai. She has conducted successful workshops and meetings in these foreign countries and held the prestige our country high. She is truly our pride.
  • In 2020, the ” women of the year ” award was bestowed upon her from the beauty association, Gujarat.
  • Last but not least, she is one of the nominees for the 2020 national award as a makeup and stage makeup artist.

To sum up

We can wrap the story of this lady claiming her as a self-made woman, who followed her passion with true dedication and got what she deserved.

She is young, beautiful, talented, lovable and an inspiration to a lot of youngsters. Creating milestones with her innovative and trending ideas and styles, she is further enlarging her fan base.

She uniqueness lies in her individuality. As has already been said, she is one of the most preferred makeup artists in the industry, because she has been promising to her work consistently.

What has made people adore and accept her is the love with which she does her job.

According to Jiya Sosa, there is no special face. Everyone is unique, charismatic and beautiful in thereown way. To bring out the facial features prominently, one needs to have the facial make up on point.

With the right makeup ideas and ways, anyone can look gorgeous. Every face has a different story and bringing out that in front of others is her job. And Jiya Sosa has been excelling in doing that successfully.

Jiya Sosa’s dedication, talent, and ability to adapt have propelled her to great heights in the beauty industry. She continues to inspire and empower individuals through her expertise and unique approach to makeup.


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