Karan Chugh Biography | Sales Coach and Consultant


Karan Chugh Biography | Sales Coach and Consultant 

Karan Chugh is the director of Global Business consulting services at Elsner Technologies private LTD, based in Sydney, Australia. He is an extremely talented versatile individual who is an inspiration for innumerable aspiring business consultants, his teammates, and his clients too. He always stays proactive and possesses amazing team leading skills. Especially in the sector of sales and business relations, he remains unbeaten.  Karan Chugh has been in the IT sector for over 15 years now. Initially, he started working on business relationships and account management with Open source and Microsoft Legacy solutions. His Start-Up Mobile App Factory produced over 5000+ Apps for Businesses around the globe.


Later, Karan Chugh worked for more than 4 years in cloud computing enterprise mobility solutions. Besides, he also has gained about 10 years of experience working in mobile app solutions.  Karan is an extremely lovable and understanding person. His clients have loved to work with him.  Having rendered quality services in all these workplaces, we can clearly understand his life’s mantra that keeps him going: Everything is possible and he can make anything happen.

He believes in learning and evolving and changing with time. This is the key to success, as said by Karan Chugh and he is passionately committed to this. Going through his impressive profile and background will amaze you. Check Here Karan Chugh biography.

Karan Chugh biography

Early life and education

Since childhood, he has been brought up in Mumbai, which happens to be his birth city too. He went to St. Anne’s high school in Mumbai for his elementary education. After completing his higher secondary, he took admission in Bhavan’s college. He is a graduate in English literature and Psychology from there.

Karan’s extraordinary skill lies in how he engages himself with his clients and not only directing them. This has earned him innumerable national as well as international clients. He believes in nurturing a healthy relationship with his clients, earning their trust, and long term partnerships. Now let’s see how his skills have enabled him to achieve success in his career.

karan with aditi

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He began his career as a content writer, business consultant, and app development manager at the age of 16. Karan entered into the IT sector in IndiaNIC Ahmedabad, one of the largest ones in India and began his career there, under the guidance of Sandeep Mundra. He currently delivers services with full time mobile and web application technocrats to clients based in India. Not only that, but he delivers services to international clients too. He is also striving to expand the scope of his services to other regions of the globe to make sure they can reach out to their prospective clients anytime.


Karan Chugh has been the senior manager in business consulting at IndiaNIC infotech LTD for 6 years. There he enlightened clients on the benefits of mobility and how can mobility alter the prospects of your company for the better. Besides that, he also worked with Dial One services as the head of domestic operations. Additionally, he was the head of the customer relations department of major telecom enterprises in Ahmedabad.

We have highlighted some of his major career achievements below. Have a look.

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Career highlights :

  • Karan Chugh was awarded as the youngest Voice and accent trainer in Gujarat in 2002.
  • Karan had successfully hosted the first-ever Google event in Ahmedabad.
  • He also hosted the event in MICA Ahmedabad.
  • In the sector he specializes in, he is the first individual to have consulted for mobile apps
  • He worked with the Australian cricketer Damien Martyn for this first mobile app development.
  • He is the founder of AapnuAmdavad- Love for Our city Amdavad
  • Karan was a member of the consultation team which worked for the USA’s largest private aircraft manufacturer, Gulfstream.
  • He is one of the top listed consultative salespeople.

To sum up

Karan displays a high level of sophistication which is seldom found in professionals these days. He possesses exemplary business skills, which is evident from his successful profile. Karan is very passionate and consummate about maintaining the right negotiation techniques between companies. He understands complex business strategies and puts them in a comprehensive, simple manner in front of his clients, making it easier for them to understand. Karan Chugh is a patient listener, a statesman, always seeking for more opportunities. All his clients have loved working with him so far.

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