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Karke Dekho Acha Lagta Hai … !!!

Karke Dekho Acha Lagta Hai … !!! 

Karke Dekho Acha Lagta Hai … !!!

We all wanted to be superior to each other in all aspects of life, whether personal or professional. We (Humans) have created such a cut-throat environment in our society that we have forgotten that “All it takes a gesture of kindness.”  We have become so judgemental that we have put up a measurement criterion like digits of salary, no. of rooms in the house, no. of vehicles as luxury and whatnot. Like literally! Remember You are already blessed with many good things which others even can’t think of or afford! Don’t breathe the air of EGO!

On one hand where many people can’t have proper food and basic facilities to need, we are sitting unhappy due some unreasonable event of incident of life. The identification of your real personality lies in how you treat someone especially when you are aware that the person is not going to help you back. That reflects who you are. There is an untold rule of god that if you are willing to give some or all of what you have you will never have suffer in asking for something in return. God take cares of all your deeds and returns always but not in form of we want.

If you are serving your hand to help someone, you are making yourself superior! While growing up or being at the current position in life, many people have helped us to reach there irrespective of the quantum of the help. Inside a small corner of our heart, we have thought of giving back to society but sometimes we are unable to find the right channel for it.

Karke Dekho achha lagta hai is the group that is created to serve this cause which is the biggest need of the current society. Let’s just think of those who are the same human-like us but not privileged the same as us. Don’t you think they need a fair life somewhat as equal to us? To do so, all we need to be United for the cause and become an example for others to follow the same path with hope to spread happiness as much as we can.

A smile on those innocent faces, the sense of satisfaction from those needy eyes, the blessings from wrinkled hands – Something which no amount of money can match.

Join us to become one of the helping hands towards a better society& Be the part of various activities under our campaign “Karke Dekho achha Lagta hai”

For more information call 8469277739 – Raj

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