Karsanbhai Patel Biography | Nirma Founder | Family | Daughter


Karsanbhai Patel Biography | Nirma Founder | Family | Daughter

Necessity is the mother of innovations. A man has had the privilege to create different things in the field of science and technology, and have kept innovating for a superior and pleasing life. The new turnaround of events in the field of research, creation, and revelations are in the process of going on, and that Check out Karsanbhai Patel biography. Such is the narrative story of one of the incredible industrialist named Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel.

Further, I am going to explain to you his life story with Karsanbhai biography as he is an Indian industrialist and an originator of the Rs. 2500 crore through the Nirma group with significant interests in washing powder, and beautifying agents. Karsanbhai Patel daughter’s name was Nirma.


In 2017 Forbes recorded his total assets in the US $3.9 billion marks. He has interests in education, and established pharmaceutical schools (Nirma Institute of Pharmacy), and a reputed designing school, (Nirma Institute of Technology). He is here and there as a respectable person also known as The K.K. Patel.

 Nirma Institute of Management

Troubles fortify the psyche thus does the answer for those who seek it. There is no fun in life without solving difficulties or a few little puzzles.  Nirma organization of innovation formed by Karsanbhai Patel was additionally tested on different grounds which were not only exceptional but phenomenal. The troubles and difficulties confronted during their operations required arrangements that were being spearheaded in India or in a particular industry instead of arrangements that have been presented before somewhere else. Karsanbhai Patel is one such man to have provided those.

Karsanbhai Patel Biography


Karsanbhai Patel was born into a farmer family from North Gujarat. He did his education in B.Sc. in Chemistry at the age of 21 and functioned as a lab expert. Karsanbhai consistently wanted to invent something since his youth. In 1969, Karsanbhai began selling washing powder, made and bundled in ratio. At a cost of Rs. 3 for each kg, (33% below the cost of a normal washing powder sold back then). It was a huge achievement! Karsanbhai named his washing powder, Nirma, after the name of his little girl. The tragedy is he lost his daughter Nirma in a car accident and went on to use her name in a brand from the initial stage he has been nurturing like his own daughter. Today, a famous phrase Sabki Pasand Nirma that goes beyond lip service.

karsanbhai patel daughter

Karsanbhai has grown up seeing a lot of unhygienic places within his area. Nirma group of soap, washing powder and detergent found an answer for all the infections brought about by insanitation conditions at family units. The insanitation conditions at the family could be exceptionally irresistible. The Nirma brand immediately settled itself in Gujarat and Maharashtra. His low-value Nirma brand started a soap war with greater opponents, for example, Unilever and Procter and Gamble. Nirma entered the exceptional section, propelling latrine washing powder, Nirma shower and Nirma magnificence soap, and premium washing powder Super Nirma.

Karshan Bhai Family:

Karsanbhai’spatel has two sons and a daughter and son-in-law are now at leading positions in the famous Nirma organization Named as Rakesh K Patel (MBA) look after all the procurement and logistics, whereas Hiren K Patel is a chemical engineer and MBA, heads of marketing and finance, while Mr. Kalpesh Patel is in the human resources and Healthcare Industry is known as (Nirlife healthcare).

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Today Nirma is probably the biggest maker of washing powder on the planet. Nirma changed the washing powder market which made an altogether new segment in the domain of washing powder. Even though Karsanbhai Patel doesn’t have an expert degree in advertising, yet he demonstrated that an expert advertiser needn’t bother with a proper degree in showcasing to be effective!


Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel is the author of the current Rs. 3550 crore Nirma group with complete dominance in the segment of washing powder, beauty care products, and salt. If to make a difference is to discover the holes and fill them, Karsanbhai Patel simply hit the bull’s-eye.


Karsanbhai Patel was awarded the “Udyog Ratna” by The Federation of Association of Small Scale Industries of India (FASII). He was named twice by The Government of India as Chairman of the Development Council for Soaps and Detergents. Karsanbhai Patel has been met with Padma Shri Award officially presented by Mrs. Pratibha Patil, the former President of India. He is congratulated by The Gujarat Chamber of Commerce as an ‘Extraordinary Industrialist of the Eighties’.

 Karsanbhai award

“Mr. K. K Patel made us realize that a man with a little bit of patience within himself can win the world sometimes.”

Having said that, you all can now find more such amazing biographies from Gujrat. Hence, hang on and discover more with us. Stay well, stay safe.

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