One of the most popular actresses and models Khushi Shah is the sensation of Gujarat industry. She has been winning hearts not only in Gujarati but also in Marathi, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, and Tamil films also. Starting her acting career at a very early age, Khushi Shah has predominantly worked in several films.

Let’s see how Khushi’s childhood has been:

Born on November 19, 1983, in Mumbai, Khushi belongs to a Muslim family. She has spent her childhood and teenage at her hometown, the city of dreams, Mumbai itself. From her childhood, Khushu has been interested in staying in the limelight. Her passion for working on camera formed with time and Khushi started acting along with modelling. And ultimately Khushi Shah became the diva of millions.

Acting and modelling can be her passion out of which Khushi Shah has crafted her career. But on the other hand, she loves to travel to various destinations and enjoy the time off. Furthermore, she loves to do photoshoots.

Khushi Shah’s career and films which made her shine!

Khushi Shah has acted in the Kannada movie Nenapiideya directed by SK Srinivas. Khushi was seen acting as the main lead opposite Shravan Rao. In 2016, her movie Maa Ne Vahlo Dikaro Dikrane Vahali Maa was released. The romantic drama was directed by Batuk Thakor. In early 2021, the whole nation including her fans was mesmerised by Khushi’s magnificent transformation during the movie shoot of Kya Main Mental Hoon. After the release of her first look in the movie, Khushi Shah received appreciation from all over the place.

Khushi as the main character has eased the screen and gained a lot of fame with her charm and brilliant acting.

In an interview with a media house, Khushi shared her experience of playing the role in the movie. She stated that Shreedhar Bhatt directed Kya Main Mental Hoon has been one of the toughest of roles she has ever played. Moreover, she put great effort in channelling the character through her perfect detailing. She also shared that this role demanded everything from body language to expressions; which she perfectly offered.

Vimal Rao directed Affra Taffri (2020) is yet again another must-watch movie for everyone who is crushing over the gorgeous Khushi Shah. Her character Sonal stole the whole movie with ease. The movie is filled with entertainment along with humour and twists. Khushi Shah has also been seen on-screen in the movies Mamta Ka Karz and Full Stop.

Khushi Shah received the Times Gujarat Icon Award in 2020.

In the same year, she was also awarded the Mid-Day Gaurav Icons Award for the Best Actress category. For her movie Affraa Taffri, Khushi received a special mention at the TIFF. In 2021, she has won the Gujarat Iconic Film Award.

Khushi Shah as the big-hearted human!

While the whole world was suffering during the pandemic, the poor were hardly surviving. In such a tough time, we got to witness Khushi Shah’s philanthropic humanitarian side. Khushi along with her friends went out to the field and collected over a huge sum for helping and reaching out to those who are in need. She herself donated almost half the amount and showed a real celebrity should be both on and off-screen!

Summing Up

A few days back Khushi Shah has been seen in the music video Oye Yaar alongside the singer herself Geeta Ben Rabari. The soulful music has touched many hearts successfully. Also, the trailer of her next project, Nayika Devi, has released recently gaining a lot of praise. The period drama captured the warrior and fighter side of Khushi as its lead. According to reports, Khushi Shah is busy working 24/7 on several projects right now.

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