Kinjal Dave Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Song, Career


Kinjal Dave Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Song, Career. If you are fond of Gujarati songs, then you must have heard the name of your Kinjal Dave. In this article, We are sharing with you a great singer Kinjal Dave Biography.

Life is a difficult journey; it is not a bed of roses. We have to work hard, we have to struggle along to achieve success, or to reach our goal. It may happen or appear to be so, that you are keeping on struggling still you are suffering and success seems far away. Hard work is a strong-willed struggle and is bound to give good results at the due course of time.

Metamorphosis meaning the -“Rite of time”. As by the passage of time, I will be narrating you a story of a caterpillar who has now transformed into a butterfly.  This is a story of a woman whose life has been captivated interest for the younger generations. Check Out Kinjal Dave Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Marriage, Career.

 Kinjal Dave Biography




  • Kinjal Dave was born on 27, November 1999.
  • She was born and brought up by her parents in Patan, Gujrat.
  • She was born into an Advaita Brahmin family.
  • The term Advaita meaning true self, which is formerly known as “Atman” is the same as the highest belief in the universe as the Brahman.
  • Her father Mr. Lalitjibhai used to work in a Diamond company. Her mother’s name is Bhanuben.

Kinjal Dave Family Background

Kinjal Dave Family

Lalitjibhai and Bhanuben have two children. One is Kinjal and the second is Akash. Akash Dave is Kinjal’s younger brother. Kinjal’s hometown was in Banaskantha, Gujrat. Kinjal is a Sagittarius. She was optimistic, progressive, restless, and adventurous. Throughout Kinjal’s childhood, she was wild and free. She never could stand to be contained, thwarted, or bossed. Freedom was her catnip.  Kinjal always believed that it is necessary to have peace in life, co-operation, and concord to achieve huge things.  Since her childhood, she was taught that each one should take due care of the other so that life may go on happily and nicely.

Kinjal’s life always depended on the concept of “Live and let live“. She has always been very social for her whereabouts. She did her schooling from Maniba School, New Naroda, Ahmedabad. Kinjal always wanted to finish her education. She completed graduation from the Patanjali Institute of Professional Studies.

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About Kinjal Dave Husband

Marriage is the permanent tie of friendship and love. There can be no real friendship without confidence. One should make correct choices regarding choosing a partner for life. Like it is said, “hanging and waiving” go by destiny. One may feel that early marriages are permanent moralities, similarly, we can witness a cute adorable love story in Kinjal’s life. Kinjal got married to her long time childhood friend and lover named Pawan Joshi. Pawan and Kinjal got engaged on 18th April 2018. Pawan has always been a new starting point for happiness and steadiness in Kinjal’s life.

Career life of Kinjal Dave

 Kinjal Dave Career

  • The society is incomplete without the voice and contribution of the women. With changing times, the place of women changes significantly. They say different roles as a daughter, sister, friend, counselor, and wife. Similarly, Kinjal has witnessed all these changes in life.
  • Kinjal grew up in a family that was fond of music.
  • She grew up listening to “Bhajans” from the age of 7.
  • Kinjal’s father and her uncle used to write Gujrati songs.
  • This inspired Kinjal to become a singer and She started being popular as a singer and soon gained a huge number of followers.
  • “Char Bangadi Vadi Gadi” released in 2017 was a huge hit with 10 million views.

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  • She is popular for her famous Gujrati and Garba songs. Some of her popular tracks on YouTube are “Moj Ma, Ambe Ma Ni Aarti” etc.
  • She has released more than 100 albums, as per information she performs in more than 150 live shows a year. Now Kinjal is a heartthrob of the younger generation. Apart from being a singer, Kinjal was always interested in politics. She joined BJP formerly known as Bharatiya Janata Party in July 2019.

Kinjal Dave Song List

1.       Char Char Bangdi Vali
2.       Leri Lala
3.       Odhni Mari
4.       Mongha Maldhari Gaayo Na Goval
5.       Ganesha
6.       Mathura Ma Vagi Morli
7.       Gogo Gogo Maro Gom Dhani
8.       Rudi Rudi Hondhaldi
9.       Kano Vagade Dhol Vrajvani
10.   Krishna Bhagwan Halya Dwarika
11.   Char Bangdi Vali Audi Varraja Ni Gadi
12.   Tali Pado To Mara Shyam Ni
13.   Kanhaiya
14.   Saadi Ne Selu Bharte Bharelu
15.   Ucha Dungar Maa No Darbar
16.   Chotila Dungare Diva Thay
17.   Mara Gharma Chehar Maa Ni
18.   Hajra Hajur Mari Khodal
19.   Lila Lembade Dashama No Madhdo
20.   Panch Tola No Pyar

To Sum Up

Above all, Kinjal raised her voice and opinion in a way possible so that it can reach her goal for a better nation. She has proved that being a woman, she holds a lot of responsibility in society. The importance of having a significant role as a woman is recognized by her fan followers. She has more than 1.7 million fan followers on Instagram and  20 million views on YouTube, and more than 200k likes on Facebook. Hence, She has become a social media influencer from the past few years. Kinjal posts travel pictures on her social media handle where it clearly shows that she likes to travel. She influences people to never to lose hope and have faith. The destination might be far, but it always awaits for a journeyman.

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