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Know how to apply for a PAN card online in Gujarat | Online PAN card application Gujarat
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Know how to apply for a PAN card online in Gujarat | Online PAN card application Gujarat 

Indian income tax department has introduced Permanent Account Number AKA PAN to smooth the progress of collecting and matching information of an assessee’s investment, tax arrears, loans, tax demands, and payment of taxes. The Permanent Account Number is a combination of digits that are unique and permanent and the address remains unchanged even between different states of India. Know how to apply for a PAN card online in Gujarat | Online PAN card application Gujarat

Online Pan card Application Gujarat

Under the supervision of the Central Board for Direct Taxes(CBDT) and issued by the Indian Income Tax Department PAN card serves as a universal identification key that helps to keep an eye on all financial transactions of people having high net worth and also prevents tax avoidance. It also serves as a vital ID proof as well as equivalent to a national identification number.

It has been made compulsory to quote the PAN number on challans for any type of payments and financial transactions related to the Income Tax Department from 1st January 2005.

Now the Gujarat Government has started to give facilities for citizens who want to apply for a PAN card offline as well as online. This service is not only for applying for new PAN cards, but also for correcting PAN cards or in case your PAN ID has been lost or damaged.

People of Gujarat can simply go through an online portal(there are Government as well as Private portals too that are trustable) to apply for a new PAN card. The online application process for a PAN card is hassle-free and just takes a few minutes to complete the procedure.

There are some simple steps to follow for applying for a PAN card online.

  1. Go to an online portal of your choice, is a site that is trustworthy and hassle-free that you can consider applying through them.
  2. The applicant must be an Indian citizen and needs to fill up an online application form for a new PAN card.
  3. Then pay the charges through online payment using Credit\Debit card or Internet banking.
  4. Then the applicants must download and print the form.
  5. The number of Photographs and the signatures required in the forms are already mentioned in the online portals.
  6. All the related documents that are needed to be sent for applying for a new PAN card such as self-attested proof of identity or address or any other pieces of information are available in the portals along with their postal address.

Who should apply for the pan card? Online pan card application in Gujarat…

According to the rules of the Indian Income Tax Department, all Indian citizens or taxpayers must obtain a PAN card to equip a return of income. Or any citizen who is intending to take an entry to any kind of financial or economic transaction where it is mandated to quote the PAN is eligible to apply for a PAN card.

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Applying for a PAN card online in Gujarat and getting the new PAN card can take around 15-20 days. And it takes up to 30-40 days for correcting or replacing a PAN card.

However, time may vary depending on the situations and processes of different online portals.

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