Lakhota Lake, Jamnagar port, Gujarat | Nearby places of attractions | Lakhota Palace | Best time, date to visit

For enjoying the winter vibes in India most people like to visit some snowy mountain or hill station as a winter trip. But India has such hidden gems that are way too explore-worthy and surrounded by various natural resources. Lakhota Lake also known as Lakhota Talav by locals, situated in Jamnagar Port, Gujarat is such kind of place where you can go for your winter trip and enjoy nature in the way you never have before!

Lakhota Lake Jamnagar Port

Lakhota Lake, Jamnagar port, Gujarat

Location and Attractions of Lakhota Lake

Lying in the heart of the city, yet far from the madding crowds and every day’s din and bustle of the city life, Lakhota lake or Lakhota talav is such a serene place to visit in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. Lakhota Talav is considered a check-in spot for tourists in Jamnagar. In winter this lake becomes the favorite hub for ornithologists and birds lover as more than seventy-five species flock comes to visit the exquisite shore of the lake across the globe.

Visitors not only enjoy the beautiful view of the lake but also get a chance to witness the Lakhota palace or fort that is been surrounded by the lake itself on an island inside. In the mid 19th century AD, Jan Ranmal 2, King of Navangar constructed this beautiful palace.

There is also a museum inside the palace which preserves the historical art pieces, finest pieces of antique potteries, and many more precious things that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The walls of this small museum are covered with gorgeous murals that depict the glorious scenes of past wars fought by the Jadeja Rajputs.

The Lakhota talav was originally intended to act in past as a water reservoir in times of need in the state. The canons, guardrooms decorated with swords, powder flasks, musket loops, bastions all indicate the military preparedness of the Kingdom in case of an attack.

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One can enjoy a beautiful walking experience by walking on the paved path surrounding the Lakhota lake or can simply enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake by sitting on the benches while munching some delicious local snacks provided by the nearby food stalls.

Things to do in Lakhota Lake

  • Enjoy a boat ride in the calm water of the lake
  • Explore the unknown history of the Lakhota palace and museum
  • Take a tour at the Bala Hanuman Temple
  • Watch more than 75 species of flocks visiting the scenic shore of the lake
  • Take a walk through the paved way around the lake or enjoy the calmness of nature in a soothing atmosphere.

Some of the famous places  to visit in Jamnagar or places close to Lakhota Lake

  • Darbargadh Palace
  • Manekbhai Muktidham
  • Ayurvedic University
  • Khijadia Bird Sanctuary (a beautiful bird sanctuary that has hundreds of local and migratory birds, located at a distance of around 15km. Consider visiting the place between October to march.
  • Narara Marine National Park is another tourist attraction that allows seeing beautiful corals at the shore and is around 55 km away from Lakhota lake.

What is the best time to visit Lakhota lake? Opening time and dates of the Lakhota palace

To enjoy the beautiful view of the lit lake, the evening is the best time to visit the place with a cool breeze. For bird lovers, winter is the best time to visit the flocks of birds during the morning hours. The Lakhota palace is open every day from 10.30 AM to 2.30 PM.

How to reach Lakhota Lake, Jamnagar, Gujarat?

Jamnagar can be accessed through any mode of transportation. There are a lot of buses connecting the city of Jamnagar with various places in Gujarat.

By train, it is also convenient as the Lakhota lake is only around 4 km away from the old Jamnagar Railway station.

You can also take a flight to reach Jamnagar airport and then it’s a short journey from the airport to Lakhota Lake.

What are you waiting for? Pack your travel bags and take a trip to Lakhota lake this winter!

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