Manushi Digesh Biography | Edupreneur | Founder | Superwings Preschool


Manushi Digesh Biography | Edupreneur | Founder | Superwings Preschool

Manushi Digesh is the owner and founder of the Super wings Educations and accessories and Superwings foundation. Super wings aim to make us learn the ” power of learning” Also, she is the director of Shanti’s hopscotch Thalej center. Since her school days, she had been a passionate reader and hence wanted to do something related to this field. Working in the education sector, she has gained 15 years of experience. With time, she came up with her own idea of establishing a school, which is meant to spread education and awareness among women especially.  She is an Edupreneur as well. Manushi Digesh is a staunch believer of the fact that ” Education is power and learning is the process” Check here Manushi Digesh biography

Manushi Digesh biography

Manushi Digesh

Early life and education

She was born in an Indian Patel family in Ahmedabad, which has a strong educational background. All the members of her family are educated and hence she derived much of her early education from her parents.  Since childhood, she was a brilliant student, very inquisitive and had a never-ending thirst for knowledge and kept seeking more. She pursued her M.Com degree from Gujarat University. Besides she did a bachelor in education course too. She practiced meditating daily as she felt it helped her connect to her inner soul, her spiritual self. Currently, she is pursuing her masters in education and child psychology from super wings.

Manushi Career

Mrs. Manushi Digesh is the founder of Superwings preschool. Super wings also runs the Superwings Foundation, an organization that supports the cause of women and works towards empowering and educating them, especially the ones belonging to the backward classes. Both the foundation and the school aims at providing a safe and inspiring world for every woman out there. It also strives to educate and empower individuals, helping them achieve success. They bring to us a unique and well-organized education system, which goes beyond just grades and scores and enables women to develop all-round qualities and skills. Also, the Super wings school and foundation help women broaden their perspectives, instill positivity, build resilient minds and teach them to support and stand for other women. Bringing together the best expertise and practices across the globe, Superwings is equipped with the right resources to cater to their objectives and goals towards making a better future for women.

Manushi Digesh

Super wings foundation and school aim to provide students with education and awareness in different Fields like language development, literacy, mathematics, physical development, social-emotional development, cognitive development, social studies, science, and technology, etc. All these facilities are essential for the overall growth of an individual. Keeping this in mind, the organization is working successfully from Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India. With time, the organization would spread its branches pan India to reach out to every woman across countries.

Gaining more than 15 years of knowledge and experience in this academic field, Manushi Digesh has wide subject knowledge and general administrative expertise. She possesses inborn skills in implementing the apt solution for complex issues that arise expectedly many times. Also, she has excellent team managing skills, monitoring work in management styles. Additionally, she aims to achieve coordination and shared missions and incorporate dedication in her team members which would result in the overall smooth functioning of the school’s administration and management. She has previously worked in two great organizations, Adani Foundation and Treehouse because of which she has in-depth cost managing and budgeting skills.


  • PGDSLM – Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management
  • She was a speaker in ECA
  • She was also a speaker for Webinar in Calorex school
  • Education Leadership During Crisis (Childhood Education International)
  • Sujok, Acupressure & Color Therapy

Manushi Skills

  • Development training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Service
  • Business Strategy
  • Team Building and Management

To sum up

Manushi Digesh is highly innovative, qualified, dedicated, people-oriented and an honorable educationist who has an impressive record of accomplishments. She has been highly successful in delivering her objectives and achieving her noble goals towards women empowerment. Manushi Digesh once said in an interview that she is thoroughly enjoying her life with kids and youngsters of the present generation. She takes pride in the fact that she is contributing to a better future and nurturing the pillars of tomorrow. Also, she finds the advanced present generation inspiring for her in several ways. Through global education, this wonder woman is trying to bring a difference in tomorrow’s education and social system. For all she has achieved in life, she is thankful to God and her entire family.

Social Media: 

Instagram: manushi_20


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