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Mayabhai Ahir is an Indian traditional Lok Dayro artist. He is famous for being a talented Hasya Kalakar. He is an amazing folk singer. He sings Bhajans giving the old folklores a new life. He is one of the most loved traditional musicians in Gujarat. There are very few people at the present who dares to explore the old music and bring them to life. Mayabhai Ahir is one of those rare personalities who have gladly played their part in keeping the Gujarati folk music on today’s music library. Let’s Read More in Mayabhai Ahir Biography.

Early Life

Mayabhai Ahir was born on 16th May 1972 in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Most of his childhood had passed at Wadi. He was addicted to books and studies from a very early age. He went to Kundavi Vidyalaya at first. His teachers called him Jigario for he was adored by them. His dedication impressed the teachers. Later, he took admission at Borda Vidyalaya in Borda.  He also used to provide a helping hand in household works. He completed his matriculation from a school in Bhavnagar. Mayabhai hair jokes are also famous in Gujarat.


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He loved traditional folk music and bhajans from his childhood. Bhagavad Gita is his favorite book. In 1996, his dream of becoming a professional folk singer finally found a path when he attended his first-ever stage function at the Hanuman Temple.

Career & Success

After his first program’s success, he went on to attend many more programs. Be it a big one or small, it never caused any worries to him. Mayabhai always believed in his talent. In between doing shows, Mayabhai went to attend a stage show of Morari Bapu. There he also got a chance to deliver a speech as a Hasya Kalakar. The audiences loved his stage presence and this newfound talent made him discover a different side of himself. 

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From then on, not only as a bhajan or dayro artist, Mayabhai started exploring his brilliance as a hasya kalakar. With a funny voice and satirical humor, Mayabhai gained a lot of fame. People throughout Gujarat love his performances. His singing is praised by all. He is an equally talented dayro artist and mayabhai ahir no dayro is very famous in Gujarat.

The way he presents the traditional Gujarati folk music leaves no way for any of the folk music lovers to ignore his excellence. He performs both his roles as a musician and a hasya kalakar quite effortlessly. His presence on stage brings enthusiasm to the audience.

Mayabhai’s success did not stay limited inside the Gujarat border. His fame can be witnessed outside the country also. Mayabhai has been to numerous shows abroad. He has performed in the United States of America (U.S.A), Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, and many European countries. He has performed as both a singer and a hasya kalakar. 

Sum Up

Mayabhai Ahir is undoubtedly one of the multitalented artists who are celebrated solely for their awesome talent. His unpretentious and agile personality is celebrated by all the Gujarati people throughout the world. He is loved and respected by all his fellow artists. His immense success has gained him worldwide fame and appreciation.

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