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Mayur Vaddoriya Biography | Photographer | RADHE A TO Z PHOTOGRAPHY

A good portrait is an amazing sight to behold. The stunning features of the human body, raw emotions, the closeness of the subject in the photograph, and the undeniable exact composition of the picture make viewers feel like they know the person in the frame. The power of a portrait can easily be understood from the shots captured by Mayur Vaddoriya. He is one of the best international photographers we have at present. His portraits are real and honest. The subject of his pictures is mostly international models, whom he captures at their best. He is working more on his photography skills and considering expanding his area of expertise. This biography tells us more about his magical powers to capture subjects that simply leave us stunned. Check here Mayur Vaddoriya Biography.

Mayur Vaddoriya Biography


Mayur Vaddoriyahas completed only his elementary education, yet he has made it big in life, which is very inspirational for aspiring photographers. He has maintained his personality well in this career, earning respect from one and all. Apart from working with models and fashionistas, he has conducted a lot of wedding shoots. His massive follower base of 19.2 k on Instagram shows his brilliance and excellence in this field.

Mayur Vaddoriyahas even met famous celebrities and makeup artists like N. Lalit, the famous cine makeup artist at Nasik. For his achievements and creative renditions, he has achieved the Creative photographer award by Shilpa Shetty. If you closely follow his Instagram account, you would come to know that he has done international projects in Mauritius, East Africa, and Dubai. Mayur Vaddoriya has proved the high qualifications are not necessary to become a successful photographer.

All you need is dedication and passion and a good vision. At the same time, you must nurture your creative skills at their best, because this industry is all about creativity. You have to be original and unique.

Mayur Vaddoriya has aced his skills with time, becoming better with every passing day. Today his experience coupled with his skills has made him one of the best photographers.


If you are aspiring to take up photography, as your professional career, you can fix an appointment with him and take better ideas from Mayur. He is always there to help his followers. By now you must have noticed what has he achieved in a short span of time. His Instagram profile portrays his photography skills at his best. It’s great of you can follow his path and take him as inspiration. He is an extremely dedicated person.

When the camera is in hands and creativity in his mind, nothing can stop him from doing wonders. He also believes that to do something brilliantly, you must enjoy it. Photography is his passion. He enjoys clicking pictures and giving them a new façade.

His dedication and hard work have allowed him to pursue his dreams and follow his passion. He has been too distant lands, met new people, and explored various cultures of the world and has captured all of that through his photographs.

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