Narendra Modi Biography, Wife, Family,Political Life, Education, Salary


Narendra Modi Biography, Wife, Family, Political Life, Education, Salary.

Narendra Damodar das Modi, popularly known as Narendra Modi is a prestigious Indian government and political official who holds the power of a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party. In 2014 elections, Narendra Modi led the election campaign from his party gaining majority seats in the Indian parliament. He then became the prime minister of India, prior to which he served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

Narendra Modi Biography

A brief on Narendra Modi life story

Modi was the third child born to his parents on 17th September 1950. He comes from a Hindu family of Grocers. Narendra Modi’s birthplace is Vadnagar located in the Mehsana district in  Gujarat. His father’s name is Damodar das Mulchand Modi and his mother is Hiraben Modi. Being a child, he used to see tea with his father at the Vadnagar terminal and later ran a tea stall along with his elder brother close to a bus terminus. When he grew up, he traveled to a lot of places for consecutive two years, visiting several religious centers and then returned to Gujarat.

Narendra Modi

Initially, when he joined the Rashtriya swayam sevak Sangh he formed a separate Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, a student’s wing of the RSS in his area. His organization significantly benefited from his active involvement in politics. The RSS group assigned Modi to the BJP in 1985 where he held several positions within the party until 2001 when he finally became its general secretary. It was Modi who contributed to strengthening BJP’s presence in Gujarat in the following years.

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About Narendra Modi education

He did his schooling in Vadnagar and completed in higher secondary education in 1967. He was a great debater since his childhood days. Modi completed his graduation in political science from Gujarat University in Ahmedabad. Also, he was a great orator. He was interested in theatres too where he preferred playing the role of the characters which are larger than life.

 Narendra Modi career

Modi was appointed as the secretary of BJP in 1995 and after three years, he became the general secretary of the party. For the next three years, he remained as a general secretary and then replaced the then chief minister of Gujarat. For the first time in Narendra Modi career, he sat for the electoral contest in 2002 which won him a seat in the Gujarat state assembly. Since then, his political career has comprised of self-promoted accomplishments and deep controversies. His role and response being the chief minister of Gujarat were questioned during the 2002 communal riots.


His constant successes being the chief minister of Gujarat made him an indispensable BJP leader and secured him a great victory in the December 2002 elections. The party again won 2007 state legislative assemblies, garnering 117 seats and in 2012 won 115 seats. Both times, Modi won and remained the chief minister of Gujarat.

Narendra Modi Wife.

Narendra Modi’s wife is Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi. He ran away from his house after doing his high school studies because he was married to the women at an early age, which he did reluctantly. How wanted to make his political career strong and hence abandoned her. After many years did Modi acknowledge publicly that he is married.

As far as reports have claimed, Narendra Modi’s net worth is about 2.5 crores, including a residential plot in Gandhinagar.  Narendra Modi led the BJP in the general election of 2014, giving the party majority seats in the Lok Sabha. That was the first time since 1984 when a single party won the majority.

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Modi’s strategies have tried to increase foreign direct investments in the Indian economy and have lowered funds to be spent on healthcare and medical facilities and social awareness programs. Modi has also put an effort to enhance the efficiency of the bureaucracy. Modi started a high profile, far and wide sanitation campaign and abolished labor or environmental laws.


Prime Minister of India:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in 2014 for his first term as the Prime Minister. He is currently serving his second term now after winning the 2019 elections by a great majority. Although his international policies and relations have been commendable, he has brought down the overall GDP of the country to an all-time low as some of his policies have backfired.

PM Narendra Modi is doing all he can right now as the country faces a dangerous pandemic and we all hope that he will be able to turn things around when things get better. He has put India into the world map with extraordinary relations with the leaders of other leading countries in the world.

Narendra Modi Salary

Sum up

Anyway, since he is 70 years old now, it is expected to be his last term and we hope that ends his term on a high note. He is often considered the best Prime Minister the country has seen.

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