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Naresh Kanodia Biography | Age | Career | Death | Gujarati Actor
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Naresh Kanodia Biography | Age | Career | Death | Gujarati Actor 

Naresh Kanodia born on 28 August 1943 was a popular Gujarati film actor as well as a musician who hailed from Gujarat. He had started his career with the movie Veline Avya Phool. In the same year, he had played a minor role in another film Jigar and Ami.

Naresh Kanodia Biography

Personal life

He had married Ratan kanodia and together. They had two sons Hitu Kanodia and Suraj Kanodia. The first son HituKanodia is now a successful actor in Gujarati films. Again, his brother is a popular musician in the Gujarat industry as well as a singer. NareshKanodia has also served as a member of parliament representing Pathan. NareshKanodia passed away on 27th October 2020 due to covid-19.


He had marked his eminent presence in movies like AkhandChudalo (1980), BhathijiMaharaj, DaladuLagyuSayba Na Desh Ma (2002), DewanaDushman (2014), Garavo Gujarati, Odhu To OdhuTariChundadi, Patel Ni PatelaiAneThakor Ni Khandani (2016), Tamere Champo ne amekel, Dhantya Open (2017), and several others.

Career achievement

During his service life, he had received Dada SahebPhalke Academy Award at the ceremony held in 2012 for marking the centenary of Indian cinemas.

Sum up

All his life he had been a dedicated actor in the Gujarat industry. Later on, he had become MLA on the BJP ticket in 2002. he had lost his constituency in 2007. Struck by covid-19 infection, he was hospitalized past 6 days, he had passed away ON 27/10/19 due to other health complications. He had always been termed as a superstar of the Gujarat industry with his recognition in 200 movies.

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