‘Oppenheimer’ earns solid second day in India, will make it to the list of biggest Hollywood films!


'Oppenheimer' earns solid second day in India, will make it to the list of biggest Hollywood films!

‘Oppenheimer’ earns solid second day in India, will make it to the list of biggest Hollywood films!

The Hollywood film ‘Oppenheimer’ is running in theaters all over the world these days. Even in India, cinema fans are giving a lot of love to the film.

On the very first day itself, the film made a strong earning and became the most solid opening film of the year in India. On the second day also, the film showed its power at the box office.

Mission Impossible franchise, Fast and Furious series or Marvel’s superhero films are named in the list of most popular Hollywood movies in India.

But Christopher Nolan’s cinema, which is counted among the biggest filmmakers in the world, has become a big brand in India, it is now being known from his latest film. Nolan’s film ‘Oppenheimer’ released in India on Friday.

Oppenheimer’ earns solid second day in India

There was such a craze in the audience for this film that even before its release, its tickets were sold in many big theaters of India from Thursday itself it had already sold-out.

Released with advance booking of more than 2 lakhs only in National Chains, ‘Oppenheimer’ is earning strongly in theatres.

At the box office, this film is earning in such a way that even many big Bollywood films that came after the lockdown could not do.

Nolan’s previous films ‘Tenet’ ‘Dunkirk’ ‘Interstellar’ and Batman Trilogy Trilogy are among the favorite films of Indian audiences. Now with ‘Oppenheimer’, Nolan’s cinema is shining as a big brand at the box office.

Solid jump in earnings on Saturday

‘Oppenheimer’ made a grand debut in India on its very first day. On Friday, the film’s opening collection went up to Rs 14.50 crore.

This is the biggest opening of any Hollywood film released in India this year. Now Saturday’s box office reports have started coming, which show that the film got a solid jump at the box office on the second day.

As per the initial reports, ‘Oppenheimer’ has collected more than Rs 17 crore at the box office on the second day.

The film’s earnings can be even higher when the final figures come. That is, it is certain that in two days ‘Oppenheimer’ has already made Rs 31.5 crore at the Indian box office.

Will be included in the biggest Hollywood films

The market of Hollywood films in India is getting bigger in the last few years. ‘Avatar 2’, released last year, collected Rs 391 crore in India. It is the highest grossing Hollywood film in India.

The weekend collection of ‘Oppenheimer’, which has earned almost 32 crores in two days, can easily reach 50 crores.

The way cinema fans of India have become crazy about this film, it can be guessed that from Monday also the film’s earnings will remain at a solid level.

The trend of the collection of ‘Oppenheimer’ is showing that the film has the potential to earn up to 100 crores at the Indian box office.

Accordingly, ‘Oppenheimer’ can easily be included in the list of highest grossing Hollywood films in India.

Before the entry of Nolan’s film, here are the top 10 India collections of Hollywood movies in India:

1. Avatar 2 (Avatar: The Way of Water) – Rs 391.40 crore

2. Avengers: Endgame – Rs 373.05 crore

3. Avengers: Infinity War – Rs 227.30 crore

4. Spider-Man 3 (Spider-Man – No Way Home) – Rs 219 crore

5. The Jungle Book – Rs 188 crore

6. The Lion King – Rs 159.10 crore

7. Doctor Strange 2 (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) – Rs 131.14 crore

8. Fast and Furious 10 (Fast X) – Rs 108 crore

9. Fast and Furious 7 – Rs 108 crore

10. Thor 4 (Thor: Love And Thunder) – Rs 104.74 crore

 (*Outside this list comes Jurassic World at number 11, which collected Rs 101 crore in India.)

‘Oppenheimer’ is not a mass masala or an action thriller film. Its audience is more than single screen theatres, in big cities and multiplexes. Therefore, in the coming working days from Monday, the collection of the film will definitely go down slightly as compared to Sunday.

But the film’s survival in multiplexes with expensive tickets will keep its earning momentum in the days to come. ‘Fast and Furious 10’ released this year had collected more than 100 crores.

Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible film has earned 90 crores till now and is very close to earning 100 crores. Now ‘Oppenheimer’ can be the third film of the year which can reach this box office


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