Oppenheimer Review: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ will give you goosebumps, this film is a cinematic masterpiece


Oppenheimer Review: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ will give you goosebumps, this film is a cinematic masterpiece

Director Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Oppenheimer’ has been released in cinemas worldwide from today. Hollywood’s famous actor Killian Murphy along with Robert Downey Jr. has acted in this film.

The scientist who made the world’s first atomic bomb, Dr. J.J, Learn how is this film made on the life of Robert Oppenheimer in our review.

Many people have contributed in making our world what it is today. Many great minds have been employed to bring us here today. Some of them were bad, some were just doing their job.

It is said that with great power comes great responsibility. If not somewhere else, you must have heard this thing in one of the films of the Spider-Man franchise. A person has to think about the result of proper use of brain power and ability to do something big.

Something similar happened with Oppenheimer. The same Oppenheimer who made the world’s first atomic bomb and later called Father of the Atomic Bomb.

When Oppenheimer was given the opportunity to make an atomic bomb during World War II, he did not know how correct his theory was and how much color it would bring to his Manhattan Project.

He had no idea that the power he is developing in his secret lab is bigger and more destructive than he thought.

Christopher Nolan’s film ‘Oppenheimer’, one of the legendary directors of Hollywood, talks about all these things and many other big and small things.

Oppenheimer Review

This film is a cinematic masterpiece and there can be no doubt about it.

Christopher Nolan is known for creating masterpieces in his films with tremendous details and modern techniques. He has done something similar with ‘Oppenheimer’ as well. It can be easily called the best biopic.

He has done something similar with ‘Oppenheimer’ as well. It can be easily called the best biopic. Nolan will win you over with every frame, every detail and scene-sequence.

The buildup to each sequence gets your pulse racing and gives you goosebumps. In fact, it is very difficult to describe my feelings in words after watching this film.

It is very rare that you get a chance to watch such films on the big screen, which leave you speechless and make your blood run cold. After watching which you need to take a deep breath, you cannot hear anything despite the noise all around you and everything that happened in the last three hours, every scene is going on in your mind.

Cillian Murphy in a scene from the movie ‘Oppenheimer’

There are many great moments in this film. At the beginning of the film you see Dr. J.J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy) sits in a small room and watches him answer questions.

Screen is black and white. Oppenheimer looks troubled. He is asking questions and answers about the project related to the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer is opening his life layer by layer in front of the people sitting in the room.

The things that he has done to everyone and which he has kept only inside himself, he has to tell all those things to these people. Here he is going to see both friendship and betrayal.

This ‘trial’ is going to change his life, which was changed forever by the previous incident. That incident was none other than the nuclear attack by America on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. But Oppenheimer has much more to see.

Slowly the film ‘Oppenheimer’ takes us all into the past of Robert Oppenheimer. During his studies in Europe, when he tried to poison his tutor.

The days of his learning quantum mechanics. Attending communist parties and meeting Jean Tatlock. Oppenheimer was who brought quantum mechanics to America.

He said that he needed to go from Europe to America because no one knew about quantum mechanics there. It was from here that the making of his world’s atomic bomb started.

General Lezlie Groves (Matt Damon) made Oppenheimer a part of the Manhattan Project. Under this project, he worked with many other great scientists. What Oppenheimer saw after his first atomic bomb test, after that the words of Lord Krishna written in the Bhagavad Gita came out of his mouth.

Now I have become death, the destroyer of the world. But he had to bear the consequences of all this hard work. Which he actually suffered, without any big fight.

There are many great moments in the film. There are scenes that have a strong impact on you.

Director Nolan has worked hard to make this film, it is clearly visible. This time Nolan had decided not to use CG in his film.

But the technique they have used to show the nuclear test has been 100% successful. This scene was to be the highlight of the film and seeing this scene will give you goosebumps.

If Nolan’s story and direction are good, then his chosen actors have also done no less amazing. Actor Cillian Murphy’s work in the character of Robert Oppenheimer is unmatched.

Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Louise Sturges, Emily Blunt in the role of Kitty Oppenheimer has done a great job.

Neither impress you with their style. Apart from this, many well-known and good Hollywood actors like Matt Damon, Jack Quaid, Rami Malik, Dane Dihan, Alex Wolf, Benny Safdie are among others and all of them have killed their acting talent in each and every scene.

The background score of the film is going to increase the heartbeat. This film has made its special place in the history of cinema.


‘Oppenheimer’ earns solid second day in India, will make it to the list of biggest Hollywood films!

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Oppenheimer Review: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ will give you goosebumps, this film is a cinematic masterpiece

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