Pankaj Patel Biography | Zydus Cadila Health Care Ltd


Pankaj Patel Biography | Zydus Cadila Health Care Ltd

Humanity has roamed around the world to understand the needs and in search of a sustainable lifestyle throughout. The biography you are going to read now is of a man who has helped humanity survive through his essential works on the field of healthcare. Ranking 712 on the Forbes list of net worth and this is the story of another gemstone of Gujrat named Pankaj Patel. Born at a very young age Pankaj with his major achievements in the field of medicine and health care, has shaped the world for good. The year was 1951, when no one knew that a legend is in the making. He is an Indian billionaire to have a net worth of $3.5 billion. The businessman also happens to be the chairman of Cadila Healthcare, which ranks as the fifth-largest pharmaceutical company from India. Check Out here Pankaj Patel Biography.

Pankaj Patel Biography

Early Life and Education

Pankaj Patel belongs to our very own lovely neighborhood of Gujrat. He is a Gujarati to hold a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy. However, Pankaj never settled with that and further went to complete his master’s degree from the University of Gujrat. L. M. College of Pharmacy, to be specific, was the place to felicitate him the degree of M.Pharm. How often have you seen a man so interested in education? Well, the answer is Pankaj Patel as he surpassed everything else to put another feather in his cap by holding a BA in Science and Law from Mumbai University.


Career & Achievements

Pankaj Patel is a man who has certainly revolutionized the healthcare sector of our country for good. Along with being the chairman of Cadila Healthcare, he is the chairman of Zydus hospitals. It is a group of hospitals across Gujrat to have helped develop the medical scenario of the state. His achievements were gradual but never small. On the year 2003, Patel claimed the award of the “Best Pharma Man of The Year” by the Foundation of Indian Industry and Economists.

pankaj patel zydus Achievements

The same came for the supreme recognition behind the uniform growth of Cadila Healthcare under his supervision. Patel somehow predicted that by 2005 ZydusCadila would stand as the third-largest pharmaceutical company from our country. However, like every silver lining has a rough patch to go through, he and his fortunes had a reverse tale as well. This made him fall out of the list of the richest Indians in 2005.

“Just like the good old proverb goes, that winners never quit, quitters never win Pankaj has a similar story for us all.”

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The year 2017 was glorious for the hardworking man from Gujrat. Pankaj Patel went on to become the president of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI). Additionally, he also happens to be the chairman of the board of governors for the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, (IIESR) in Kolkata. He is also the chairman of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bhubaneshwar. If these weren’t a few of the top tier educational institutions from our country where Pankaj had his vision for, then you have the incredible Indian Institute of Management The IIM Ahmedabad to have him on the board of governors, and also as the chairman for the finance committee.

Pankaj Patel loves education at its core. The reason he also is the chairman of IIM Udaipur, a member of the governing board for the University of Ahmedabad, and a member of the board of management for the remarkably reputed NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies. Pankaj also supervises the Gujrat Cancer Society and Research Institute as a chairman and trustee.


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Family and Philanthropy

Pankaj shares a happy married life with Mrs. Priti Patel. She is the daughter of Dr. B D Patel. They have two children, and by the grace of God, their Son is also a doctor. His son Dr.Sharvil Patel is the present managing director for Cadila Healthcare Limited. He is happily married as well to Meha Patel. Pankaj Patel’s daughter is yet again married to Pranav D Patel.


am ZydusCadila is helping to serve humanity during the tough times of a global pandemic. The company stands to be the largest manufacturer of the essential drug Hydrooxycholorquine (HCQ) during the rough times of COVID-19 in 2020. ZydusCadilalevelled their production game of HCQ by almost tens of times. They manufacture around 15 crore tablets which are roughly 30 metric tonnes of the drug per month.

Pankaj on a recent interview with the Economic Times said, that if needed his company is even going to increase the production of the tablets to 25 crore tablets per month. Having said that, I feel myself to be so proud to write a biography on such a man of valour. Men like these show the world that no matter how tough the times are, you should keep doing what you are best at and help uplift the society by every mean that is available to you.

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