After Parki Jani, released in 1991, the legendary actor Paresh Rawal is all set to walk down the paths of Gujarati films with Dear Father. The shooting of the film has finished recently. As a play, Dear Father has been staged in over 400 shows all over the world. The actor has revealed that he has been wishing to turn this play into a movie as in this way a larger section of the audience will be able to enjoy the exceptional story. Furthermore, he also wanted to be part of such an evocative composition which will be in his mother tongue. The emotional thriller contains a great screenplay and brilliant actors. Also, Rawal stated that turning the play into a film will only make it better and finer in ways.

According to him, the film is made with a small cast to avoid hassles. In addition, shooting with a large group might cause the crew to face various issues as the pandemic is not over yet. In Dear Father, we will see the familiar face of actor Manasi Parekh Gohil. In her recent social media post, Manasi has shared a picture of a cake with the film’s name with the caption “It’s a wrap!!” She will be seen opposite Chetan Dhanani, who has been a part of the play version of Dear Father.

The much-awaited return of Paresh Rawal along with such a beautifully crafted story has already created a buzz all over the state. The final release date has not been decided yet as post-shooting works are in progress. Paresh Rawal will be seen portraying the late Rishi Kapoor’s unfinished role in the movie Sharmaji Namkeen.

He has already shot the scenes and the film is all set to release very soon. Taking about his experience walking in late Rishi Kapoor’s shoes, he shared that he felt different and initially got very emotional during the shoot. However, the director and his co-actors helped him complete the film. He also mentioned that he has not come across such an endearing story in recent years.


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