Priyanka Kher Biography, Age, Family, Career, Songs


Priyanka Kher Biography, Age, Family, Career, Songs

In talks with the remarkable artist Priyanka Kher

The amazingly talented singer, songwriter, and founder of Priyanka Kher Productions, Priyanka Kher, shares her journey to achieve her place. From being a small village girl that loved music with all her heart to the amazing lady she has become, Priyanka shares her story with Gujarat Celebs. To know her story, stick with us for a few moments. Check here Priyanka Kher Biography, Age, Family, Career, Songs.

Priyanka Kher Biography

Tell us something about your early life and education

“I belong to a small village of Bhal region of Gujarat. The name of my village is Pachchham near Bhavnagar. I spent my childhood there. I used to listen to many folk artists. Till 10th I was there. My first performance was at my school only. I used to sing at the prayers. My teachers and principal noticed my voice and asked me to sing every week. That how I started to believe in my talent. My journey from there. Upon learning I used to perform the same songs in competitions and programs. I won some of them, lost some. But whenever I found a chance to perform I grabbed it.”

Priyanka continues, “I used to go for the functions in the village where the folk artists would come and perform Dayro. I never sang it professionally but I watched a lot. Then I moved to Gandhinagar for higher studies and got my engineering degree from Charusat engineering college near Anand, Gujarat. I got my first job at Ahmedabad as a lecturer at an engineering college. There I decided to finally learn music so my vocals would improve, I could explore more music genres, and joined my college band. I performed several times with the band. That is how it all began. In 2015, I came to the USA for studying Computer Science. During that time I invested in my start up Priyanka Kher productions under which I make ad films, short films, shows. I travel all over the USA for cultural events, corporate events, wedding gigs, and private events also.”

About your (Priyanka Kher’s) journey 

“I can say my family supported me the most. I couldn’t have started my musical career without them. My musicians, teachers, friends, all helped me boost my confidence. There is not much to my story but coming from a small village and standing where I am today says it all. Since childhood music has attracted me. Even when playing with kids I used to sing. I had no idea that one day I could make a career out of it. But yes, I had always known that my soul was connected with music.”

What are your career highlights

“I have auditioned for many shows like Indian IdolSa Re Ga MaThe Voice but I never reached the final round. But when I started making YouTube videos, performing live, and began Priyanka Kher Productions I acquired many opportunities. There was a show called Gujarat’s Got Talent that I won in 2013. People loved my song “Gorma” that I wrote. Recently I have released “Jugandh Sher Ni Bajarma” which is getting an amazing response. There are several Hindi and Gujarati songs that I have already finished writing and are being prepared to be released very soon. I look at all these as my achievements. My fans loving the songs, people appreciating them are all that I wish for.” One of my Youtube upload songs ”Saybo Maro Gulab No Chhod” originally written by Shri Kailash Pandit got more than 2 million views and received compliments from all over. Many renowned artists from the Gujarati music Industry praised my work on YouTube and gave me more confidence and motivation to do more in music.

How long have you been in this field?

“Well, I have been singing since I was six. And the journey is continuing.”

What’s your achievement (Priyanka Kher’s)in your musical career

”People are loving my music is my real achievement”. People loving my music is my actual achievement. Many songs are on the way to be released which I have written & composed and I am very excited about them. Also, I have produced two short films Patiently Faithful and The Roots under Priyanka Kher Productions got a very good response from many film festivals. I am super excited about our third short film “Agan Pankhudi” which is ready to release soon. Our team has worked so hard and put their heart into it.

What do you (Priyanka Kher) wish to bring to the people through her profession?

Spread love & happiness through my music

What do you have to say about team Gujarat Celebs?

Thank you very much team “Gujarat celebs” for inviting me here. I had a great time talking about my musical career.

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Priyanka Kher Biography, Age, Family, Career, Songs

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