Malhar Thakar’s new movie Dhuandhaar is a ten-on-ten thriller that contains a storyline worth watching.

Finally, Rehan Chaudhary’s immensely awaited film Dhuandhaar has released on September 17. The amazing thriller is bound to make the audience go speechless. The plot goes in an excellently exhilarating way throughout. Malhar Thakar’s new movie Dhuandhaar is a ten-on-ten thriller that contains a storyline worth watching.

The twists and turns can keep the audience engrossed throughout. Apparently, the director Rehan Chaudhary has done a great job creating this fine film.

Malahar’s presence is enough to create an aura itself. This one has to be the best of Malhar Thakar movies ever made. The very brilliant star cast of the Dhuandhaar has made sure to bring the director’s imagination into reality.

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From Hiten Kumar to Netri Trivedi everyone played their characters in the best way. Alisha Prajapati’s marvelous acting is worth watching. Also, Dimple Biscuitwala did a fine job with her role. Ultimately, the movie is totally worth giving a watch and get awed with the appalling thriller.

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Let’s check out the Audience Review for Movie Dhuandhaar  

It was a good experience for watching first time gujarati movie of my life. 
Good twist tht hooks u till the end. Overall good work.

Movie was nice with suspense n enjoy
Not worth watching it... Story that doesn't hold u till last
Moive amazing but ending not interesting..
Its totally different movie A touch of bollywood/hollywood 
Must watch it once
Starcast is too good very interesting script
Good movie waiting for part 2👍
A very entertaining and suspense
It's an awesome surprise thriller. One should see this movie for an offbeat entertainment


Everything changes for Aarav when he gets involved in a road accident. 
A wrong decision takes him on a journey darker than his wildest dreams. 
Loved by a father, pampered by a friend and chased by a cop, 
will he be able to find redemption?

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