Richa Dave Biography | Jasmine Beauty Care | Bridal Makeup and More


Richa Dave Biography | Jasmine Beauty Care | Bridal Makeup and More

Our earth is a great place to be, and for most of us, our fame is hard-earned. Such is the story of Richa Dave, whose biography you are going to read. The story for her wasn’t as glorious as it seems to be now. She had to go through numerous hurdles, and when success finally came knocking her doors, she greeted it with a smile.

Women these days have almost reached the epitome of dominance. Be it any field you look forward to there has to be a few amazing women taking responsibilities on their shoulder head to head just like a man does. However, their dominance over the fashion and beauty industry lies for ages now. For the sheer authentic taste of style a woman possesses makes their design always stand apart from the ones made by a man.


The story of the best makeup artist in Ahmedabad Miss Richa Dave was no different. The owner of the Jasmine Beauty care has stepped into a world of greatness at a very early age. Considering what she has achieved so far, it is only assumable that with the blessing of lord almighty, she is only going to reach more places in the upcoming times to come.

Richa Dave Biography

 Early Life and Success Stories

Richa Dave, to what we see, is a blessed daughter of Mrs. Urvashi Dave. Her mother is a renowned beautician across the entire Gujrat already named as Jasmine Beauty care. However, Richa’s only focus was to elevate her mother’s success to a height unknown. No wonder her mother feels so proud of her today. Richa is a Class XII student of the Asia English School in Ahmedabad. Yes, you read that right, she is too young for what she has achieved so far.

Jasmine Beauty Care

Glory hit her at an early age back in 2006. Crowned as the youngest beautician, Richa didn’t stop chasing her dreams. She went again in 2007 to perform something we can only dream of at such an early age. She did an incredible task of applying makeup and styling hair while she had a blindfold wrapped around her head. Well, I am going to take a moment to let that sink.

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A girl who masters the art of threading at an early age of two had to have such an astonishing future waiting for her. Also, it took only nine years for Richa to be an expert on facial and other forms of makeup. She is 16 now and undoubtedly a queen already to claim the title of the best makeup artist in Ahmedabad.


Richa additionally is an entrepreneur at an early stage as well. She owns the versatile beauty parlor going by the name of Jasmine Beauty Care. NDTV, Zee News, ETV, and Doordarshan often airs her beauty care programs.

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Bottom line

Well, it is time we wrap it all up, the more we talk about Richa, the lesser it is. Richa Dave’s presentation of Bridal makeup in front of about 800 beauticians back in 2007 at Town Hall, is something everyone remembers. Looking at that small kid today feels our eyes with unexplainable joy. We wish Miss Richa Dave all good luck as even more prominent fortune awaits her, well let us not forget the sky is the limit, and a lot of us can shape our stories from stories like her’s.

Richa Dave Social Media:

Instagram: jasmine_beauty_care


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