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RJ Aditi Raval Biography | Wiki | Age | Family | Net worth | Boyfriend
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RJ Aditi Raval Biography | Wiki | Age | Family | Net worth | Boyfriend 

RJ Aditi Raval Biography | Wiki | Age | Family | Net worth | Boyfriend

The world has hope of light, and then there are these passionate women, to have inspired us in so many ways. Biographies to write on women are necessary, and it gets even more special when you have someone as independent as Aditi Raval to write on. Aditi’s career started in the radio industry as a leading Radio Jockey for a Gujarati Radio firm. She did that for eight years. After which she believes and has a beautiful story for all of us. As starters, Aditi has a sweet yet short motivation for all of us to gather the inspiration we have been long looking for, and that is, if we are not keen enough in establishing our own dreams, there will be several others to hire us and help build theirs. Check Out here RJ Aditi Raval Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Net worth, Boyfriend.

RJ Aditi Raval Biography

Small things can lead to significant differences in the long run, and the case has been the same for Aditi. She is an entrepreneur and one of those to have proudly presented her perspective at the educational TED Talks. She started with her own agency, which deals with media consulting and creative artist management. Her consultation looks after and has organized several food events, live shows, music concerts, movie promotions. More than ten years of Aditi’s commendable journey in the entertainment industry, she tries and has been successful in maintaining the perfect work-life balance we often dream. Everything so far was possible for this young, vibrant, energetic woman because of her disciplinary dedication to chase her passion.

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Aditi Raval holds a Bachelor’s Degree in commerce, after which a world full of dreams entered her mind space. Surprisingly, her career in radio jockey was also for the talent she holds within. In an interview with her colleague DivyaBhaskar’s mother, it is to know that Aditi went to try out her luck as well. Luckily, Aditi managed to qualify with bright color in every round of the interview. The interview had three rounds, which led her into a brilliant career of a Radio Jockey in MY FM back in the year 2007. A year later, in 2008, even brighter prospects came her way. It was the ever prestigious Red FM to hire this energetic talent. Aditi was phenomenal throughout the entire journey and served the Radio giants till 2015.


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Aditi Raval, or RJ Aditi, whatever you love to call her is a woman of pure substance. Multiple talents with being the leader of her trades are a few of the several things we would love to know her for. Her competence, free spirits, and hard work earned her the job role of an OB Jock. Apart from the radio career, she has worked on various projects which bring the talent of ordinary people out in the limelight.

Aditi Raval

Aditi’s works as a regional backup music manager, music producer, film reviewer, social media manager, and infotainer are commendable nonetheless. As for now, Aditi is a creative advisor for the entertainment industry. Additionally, she is an independent brand consultant for some of the top names in the media world. As Aditi’s biography comes to an end, her journey only teaches us to be independent in whatever we do and give our best shot at it.

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